Just a Sprinkling.

We were begining to feel that we were the only part of the country that wasn’t suffering from snow. We still don’t have very much, but enough to take some photos of the garden, with a light sprinkling that makes it look so different.

Back garden

We may have escaped the heavy snow that other parts of the country have been suffering from but the frosts that we have had mean that the ground is rock hard and gardening is just out of the question.

Side garden

This is the sight which greeted me this morning when I got up, so twice as much bird food was put out for all the birds that either live in the garden or visit us each day.


The last of the roses are still flowering, but for how much longer?


The quince by the back door started flowering in November and will flower on and off, depending on the temperature, until April next year.


The mahonia is still flowering in spite of all the frosts that we have had. Don’t the leaves show up beautifully with their dusting of snow.


Different leaf shapes show up much better with the snow on them, these are ferns in the woodland which you would walk by without a second glance normally.


This is senecio making a nice pattern.

Box balls

All the gardening books and magazines are always telling us about structure and form in the garden, so my bit of formality is in the front where I have these box balls ,grown from tiny plants,this is what we look at from the kitchen window when we are washing the dishes.With the box balls giving structure in the winter and the roses flowering everywhere in the summer, this part of the garden has something of interest for 12 months of the year.

Front carving

Most of the carvings that I have done for the garden get covered for the winter but the two that I can see from the house have to brave the winter weather. This is a pile of gardening books with a Little Owl on top, the owl looks cosy in his snowy overcoat.

Pond carving

This is a gate to the pond area which I carved when our first grandchild was born. Had to keep them safe when they were toddling.

Pot at back

The horizontal lines on our large pot show up beautifully when there is a covering of snow and contrast with the arching leaves of the phormium.


Another molehill!!! How does it do it when the ground is so frozen. This is fresh this morning, done after it had stopped snowing in the night, it’s no good, it will have to go, permanently!

Side garden

The forecast says that it is going to warm up a bit, so I don’t think our tiny bit of snow will last very long…


I will just have to enjoy it while I can.


I love my garden, even when it is covered in snow!

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