The weather we have been having during October has our poor plants so confused that they think spring has arrived already. It has been so warm, for the time of year, with the wind coming up from Africa, the few days that the wind was coming from the north, the promised frost didn’t arrive in the SW corner of the UK, my plants that have been protected must be sweltering under their covers !!! Usually we have had a frost by Oct.15 but so far not here. My first photo is of a very confused Epimedium.



The Berberis bush by the garage thinks that spring has arrived.


The Spirea bush in the bee and butterfly border thinks the same, the few insects that are still around are very grateful.


What does my Hellebore think it is doing, this plant has been flowering for a couple of months now, hope it remembers to flower again in February!

Candelabra primula

One lonely Candelabra primula, I think this one is Postford White. the bonus of it flowering again is that I will be able to harvest more seeds!

Primula veris

Just one of my Cowslips among hundreds of others, thinks that it is time to flower again. More nectar for any passing bee that hasn’t decided to hibernate yet.

I. unguicularis

One of my Iris unguicularis has decided to flower just a couple of months early, usually it is Dec/Jan that I first notice the flowers.

We did have a long dry spell here in Devon, so I don’t know if it is the weather being warmer than usual that has caused these flowers to be totally confused or maybe the plants think they are going to die with it having been so dry and they want to make sure they set seed. Whatever the reason is, it makes for a very colourful garden. The weather is now a bit colder, but still no frost. Lots of rain has come over the last few days so at last the ground is soft enough to plant all my spring bulbs. I am confused with the unseasonal weather, never mind the plants – do you have any confused plants?


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10 Responses to Confused

  1. Yes – very confused plants here with primulas and primroses flowering everywhere.
    We had our first frost yesterday, so perhaps things will settle down a bit now.

    At least the strange weather makes for some lovely images here!

    • Pauline says:

      Poor plants – they won’t know what has hit them with the frost will they?! As you say, Karen, maybe now we will get back to our normal weather and the flowers can shut down and have their winter rest.

  2. catmint says:

    This post makes me think of Darwin. The environment probably never has been reliably predictable and the plants that survive will presumably be the ones that have figured out how to keep thriving in spite of confusing times. You’re in Devon Pauline, why did I think you lived in Wimbledon? cheers, cm

    • Pauline says:

      So, its not just my plants that are confused Catmint ! A while ago, I mentioned in one of my posts about a moth that was attacking British Horse Chestnut trees – the moth was first discovered in Wimbledon and has since spread all over the country unfortunately. Sorry if I confused you.
      I think you are right about our plants – it definitely is the survival of the fittest and the ones that can cope with whatever nature throws at them – nice to see them whenever they flower.

  3. Our weather has been pretty normal for this time of year. However, I am always amazed at how resilient and flexible plants can be. I hope your weather returns to normal very soon.

    • Pauline says:

      It’s just as well plants are flexible, isn’t it, Sage Butterfly, they have to put up with all sorts of weather. No sign of the cold yet, shouldn’t complain, but it doesn’t seem right somehow.

  4. confused indeed Pauline, our weather here is more back to normal after last Novembers frost and snow! very usually here, they all look nice anyway Pauline so just enjoy, Frances

  5. 18 degrees. That is warm! We’re a bit cooler than that. Our roses, astrantias and clematis have all decided to flower again. I hope they’re not to exhausted come next year..

    • Pauline says:

      I agree Janet, I hope they are leaving something for next year. Its a bit cooler now with the wind coming from the east yesterday, one day soon I will actually feel the need for a coat!

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