Christmas has come early.

…….or it seems as if it has. Every day a new parcel of goodies arrives and the anticipation while opening the boxes is just as exciting as when opening presents at Christmas when a child! It is so easy to send off orders with a lap top and card and then just sit back and wait for all those special plants, seeds and bulbs to arrive.

Long Acre plants

The first order to arrive came from Long Acre Plants, click here  I ordered them at 9.30 am and this is how I found them in the porch at 4pm the same day!! Beautifully arranged standing up in their box, they must have been delivered by someone from the nursery passing here, we are not too far from the  2 major roads from Somerset where the nursery is. I have never had such prompt service from anyone before, this nursery only deals in shady and boggy plants, I use them a lot as you can imagine!

Plant World seeds

The next order to arrive 2 days later were all the seeds that I got from Plant World Seeds,  click here  . This is a nursery in Devon near Newton Abbot where the garden is laid out like a map of the world and each plant is growing in its correct country, it certainly brings home to you just where all our plants originate. Included in the order was a free packet of seeds, I said it was like Christmas!

Sarah Raven

Next day it was a box of goodies from Sarah Raven , click here which contained mainly allium and tulip bulbs with just a few seeds to help brighten up the garden next summer.

Kevock Plants

A box from Kevock Garden Plants was the next to arrive containing the Paeonia veitchii that I have wanted ever since I saw it at the Metis Garden in NE Canada while on holiday there a few years ago. I had quite a search before I found this nursery who sold it, click here. Also added to my order was…….


…..a free potentilla plant, another pressie!

Beth Chatto plants

Yesterday a big box of plants arrived from Beth Chatto, click here. I have ordered plants from Beth Chatto for years now , ever since reading her book 20 yrs ago, The Green Tapestry. Since then I have bought other books written by her, the Woodland Garden and The Damp Garden, books which I have found invaluable when planting up the garden here.

Beth Chatto

Included in the order was another freebie, another present, a book celebrating 50 yrs of the garden that Beth Chatto made. Although some of the information has been taken from her books, lots of other information is new, to me anyway!

There are now just two problems with having all these lovely plants arriving so close together, the first is that they all need planting ! Some bulbs can be put into pots until space has been made when perennials are cut back, seeds will be sown next Feb/March but spaces will have to be found for the perennials to be planted.The second is that everywhere is soaking wet at the moment as it has been pouring down all week, torrential rain today so I hope it dries up soon!

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35 Responses to Christmas has come early.

  1. Jason says:

    Ah, yes, I know that feeling very well.

  2. Cathy says:

    Wow! What an exciting time for you, Pauline – the downside, as you say, is making the time and choosing the spots (but I am SURE you have only chosen plants you have got specific spots for, haven’t you? HAVEN’T you?!) to plant them. Your same day delivery from Long Acre was astonishing. I’m sorry your weather is so awful – it has a dampish feel here but we have still had no real rain for nearly a fortnight, and I need to get outside now and finish my own outstanding planting up!

    • Pauline says:

      Yes Cathy, I know exactly where each one is going!! Some for the woodland, some for the bog and the rest for the border I’m clearing at the moment. I don’t ever expect Long Acre Plants to deliver that quickly again, think I was just lucky that someone from the nursery was passing!

  3. I’ve never had an order hand delivered, especially on the same day. The are very accommodating, maybe next time they will plant them for you too by the time you get home. 🙂 I wish we had a Long Acre Plants near here, since those shady plants look interesting.

    I’ve read Beth Chatto’s The Woodland Garden, and would be delighted to be able to order from there.

    You’re going to have fun with all of those new seeds this winter. With luck the soil will dry out quickly and you will be able to get busy with your shovel.

    • Pauline says:

      NS, its the first time for me too and I don’t expect it to happen again, just lucky, would be nice if they planted them too!! With the soil so wet, I think a lot of the bulbs will be planted in pots to keep them dryish over the winter, then I can pop them in the borders next spring.

  4. Pauline, I am green with envy at all your lovely purchases, can’t wait to see them in action. I have tried to limit my purchases now that I am not home to look after them, but it is soooo hard….

    • Pauline says:

      It must be hard Deborah to limit how many plants you buy, one day you will be able to make up for it! Just think, it will be me with the back ache not you !!

  5. Liz says:

    Hi Pauline,

    Lots of lovely plants! Just a shame it’s going to be tough to get them planted any time soon!!! I’ve been trying to curb my buying too, as I’m running out of space to put anything.

    Have fun planting them; you’ve just reminded me I have Alliums to plant! Mmmm. I ought to have done it earlier this week when it’s been dry.

  6. Christina says:

    Well all I can say is “Happy Christmas”. I’m sure all those goodies give you more pleasure than most ‘real’ Xmas gifts do! I so wish Beth Chatto would send plants to Italy but I suppose she knows her beautiful plants wouldn’t necessarily arrive in good time here. I hope the rain stops soon for yo to enjoy your pressies even more. Christina

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Christina, we hope the rain stops soon, but from the forecast it looks as though we will have it for a few more days. I do love opening parcels, especially when everything is just what I want, couldn’t be better!!

  7. raining here too Pauline, is it happy christmas for you or your garden, probably both, a lovely array of plants Pauline look forward to seeing them in next years posts, I try to stagger orders to help with planting out but last year with the incessant rain we had I had to put some in pots I used pots a bit bigger than the rootball, good luck with the weather, Frances

    • Pauline says:

      I think Frances, it’s happy christmas for the garden, or it will be when I can see to them all. Looking at all the bulbs, I can imagine lots of lovely colour for next year in the border that I’m re-doing, can’t wait to get at it!!

  8. kininvie says:

    So you are an autumn planting fan? It’s a god idea in principle, I agree, but I now leave most of my orders for spring. The ground is just too wet, and I’m reluctant to inflict that on new plants. Glad to see you ordering from Kevock – my local nursery – and going from strength to strength. David & Stella are great primula & meconopsis experts….should you be tempted!

    • Pauline says:

      I have ordered primulas in the past, Kininvie from Kevock, they have a fantastic selection and the plants were excellent. I find that there is so much to do in the spring, maybe our winters are a bit drier than yours, like to give them time to settle in before any cold weather arrives.

  9. pbmgarden says:

    Amazing collection of new plants Pauline. Happy planting!

  10. Lyn says:

    I know just how you feel! I get equally excited when packages of plants or books arrive – it’s that delicious feeling of anticipation. At that stage it’s possible that every plant will grow wonderfully and every book will become a treasured favourite. I love that feeling.

    • Pauline says:

      You’ve put it in a nutshell Lyn, that’s exactly how I feel! Hopefully the plants will all grow well, especially the ones for my re-vamped border by the field, which will give it a whole new look!

  11. Pauline I just checked out the links you posted of mail order nurseries as I am always looking for nurseries that will deliver to the islands and Beth Chatto and Plant world seeds are the only ones without an extortionate excess charge, I was particularly interested in Kevok as they are in Scotland, why can’t these nurseries understand that Royal mail charges the same all over Britian, one of the things I particularly like about Beth Chatto is that she takes plants out of the pot and wraps them in damp newsprint and pops them in plastic bags, I want to order some more plants in the spring and it looks like I will be using Beth Chatto again if I can’t find any other nursery with good plants that will deliver here at a reasonable rate it’s like the others don’t want my money, weird, thanks for the seed link as that’s one more on my very short list of nurseries, I’ve got 2 copies of Beth’s book as it was sent with my order last year as well so I’m passing this years copy on to a gardening friend,
    Frances p.s. it’s still raining here how about you?

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Frances,I can understand your frustration at nurseries not delivering without charging the earth, but if Royal Mail can, then why don’t they use them? Seems a bit ridiculous to me! I’ve always had good results with Plant World Seeds so hope you do too, they also have quite unusual seeds from plant hunting trips. Woke up to glorious sunshine this morning, but guess what, it’s raining again! I think its just going to be showers today, yesterday the front drive was running like a river!!

  12. Anna says:

    Oh what packets and boxes of delight Pauline. Hope that the wet stuff lets up for you to get on with some planting. Interesting to see an order from Long Acre Plants in the flesh as it were – have almost been tempted to order from there before – now I have seen your happy and healthy plants I’m tempted even more. Same day delivery must be a record 🙂

    • Pauline says:

      Sunis actually shining today, so hopefully will get some plants in their new homes. I have used Long Acre Plants for some time now and have never been disappointed with what I have received, but don’t expect same day delivery!!

  13. What a wonderful collection of plants you have. I am a big fan of Autumn planting, especially as in the Spring it can get a tad busy around here. My Beth Chatto order has also just arrived 🙂 on the same day as my Peter Nyssen order, so it looks like I will also be a bit busy for a while.

    Like Anna – I was interested to see your plants from Long Acre Plants, as when I am doing an internet search quite often it is their website that pops up.

  14. PS Snap! I also use plant world seeds a lot!

    • Pauline says:

      As you say Karen, spring is such a busy time, far too many other things to see to and planting in autumn gives the plants a chance to grow some roots before winter arrives, hopefully! I have always been pleased with my shady and boggy plants from Long Acre Plants, first met him when he came to give a talk to Devon Hardy Plant Society many years ago. Watching his slide show, I was amazed at all the wonderful woodland plants that he has as well as those for ponds and boggy areas, I bought loads at the time and have been adding more most years. I must stress that same day delivery isn’t usually what happens!!

  15. catmint says:

    Not being in England I can’t share the nurseries you source your new goodies from, but I understand the excitement and eagerness to get started with the planting, Pauline. What is it with all the rain? It rains nearly every here too.

    • Pauline says:

      It’s wonderful isn’t it Catmint to have a load of new plants, planting hope and dreams for the future! As for the rain, it will be good when it stops eventually, had a good day today and now the sky is clear so maybe we will have our first frost tonight, its certainly cold enough!!

  16. What a wonderful array of beautiful things! Nothing beats a delivery of new plants, though I don’t envy you all the work they represent…

    • Pauline says:

      Must get on with the planting Janet, as I’m having an ‘op’ on my shoulder in 10 days!This is the result of a fall I had in the garden back in Frbruary and I managed to tear 2 muscles. One can be fixed, one can’t ‘because of my age’ !!! Most of these plants are for the side border that we are re-doing, in my mind it looks lovely already!

  17. debsgarden says:

    Your choices will make great additions to your garden. A nursery that specializes in shade plants that is close enough to make same day delivery? I am jealous! Just read your response to Janet. Good luck with your surgery and I hope you have a very speedy recovery.

    • Pauline says:

      Deb, no-one was more surprised than me when I found the box on the step just a few hours after sending my e.mail – what service! Thanks for your good wishes, I had thought the ‘op’ would be in a couple of months, but I had a phone call just after I had sent all my orders off, asking would I like it to be Oct 26th instead! Help!!

  18. wellywoman says:

    Is there steam coming from your credit card ;)? I know what you mean it is so easy to buy online now and great if you don’t have any great independent nurseries nearby or transport to get further afield. Your plants all look supper healthy and have travelled well which is always a worry with mail order. Planting the up is the problem. I’ve got bulbs that need planting but it has been so wet. Hopefully the dry weekend gave you a chance to get out and planting. Your garden is going to look even better next year. Wishing you well and a speedy recovery from your op. WW x

    • Pauline says:

      WW, I think ‘melt down’ is the term I would use!! I have bought from all these nurseries before, most for many years so I know they are reliable. Some were planted Saturday, others are waiting to go into the area I cleared today of excess pulmonaria, polemonium and lysimachia. Hopefully I can get this area planted tomorrow, weather permitting, while someone else clears the next area of lemon balm seedlings and herb robert! No planting done yesterday when the weather would have been super, birthday celebrations for grandsons in Bristol took priority! Thanks for your good wishes, hopefully the planting will be done by then and if it rains, that means I can get my Christmas cake and puddings made, but someone else will have to stir them!!

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