All the Blues

As you may have guessed, blue is my favourite colour, so I try to have a fair proportion of blue flowers out as much as possible during the year.This clematis which has been out now for some time is C. “Blue Angel”, it is on a trellis disguising the huge water butt that we have there.

Blue Angel


Twinkling away in deep shade under shrubs are various violas.


Even our fruit is colour co-ordinated – these are Damsons, but won’t be ready till September when they will be almost black.

Lace Cap

Lace cap Hydrangea looking stunning – lovely deep shade of blue.

Mop head

Mop head looking lovely in a paler shade of blue.


A Campanula on the alpine scree is flowering its socks off.


Geranium “Spinners” started flowering in the beginning of June and will continue into September.


Clematis durandii starts off very dark, almost navy, but fades gently in the sun.

Perle D'Azur

Another clematis, “Perle D’Azur”, climbing over a rose on the pergola.

Taplow blue

Echinops Taplow Blue, very pale, almost grey.


And last, but not least, are the Agapanthus, which are so beautiful that they will have a post all to themselves.

Do you have a favourite colour among your flowers or do you just love them all ?!!

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2 Responses to All the Blues

  1. catmint says:

    My favourite colours are probably pink and blue, but recently I fell in love with orange too. Sometimes I find I have too much of a good thing, all blue or all pink. I love grey foliage to moderate the bright colours, but then too much grey is, well – grey. I love all the plants pictured above, my favourite being the echinops, so heart wrenchingly perfect and delicate.

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Catmint, I will pass on your comments to the Echinops !. I know how you feel when there is too much pink in the garden – I have to fight against it and plant other colours.

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