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A bit bruised and battered.

I’m talking about my Crocus tommasinianus growing in the back lawn. When they popped up this year I noticed that a lot had vanished, courtesy of the squirrel I assume, even though I planted my crocus with chilli flakes on … Continue reading

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Cheerful Tommies.

All the crocus in the garden are well and truly battered by our recent storms. This is when I am so pleased that I potted up loads of Crocus tommasinianus and kept them in the unheated conservatory.

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Another little project.

Just a little one this time. Years ago, when we first visited East Lambrook Manor in Somerset at this time of year, I was overwhelmed by the sight of hundreds of Crocus tommasinianus spreading in the grass under a variegated … Continue reading

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It doesn’t need to be sunny, just warmer.

I found out the other day that crocus don’t actually need sunshine to open their flowers wide, they just need the temperature to rise a bit. Our temperatures had been at around  +4/5 C for some time, when they suddenly … Continue reading

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GBBD. The wild ones are catching up.

First of all I must explain my absence for the last week or so, courtesy yet again of Talk Talk, don’t they realise how much bad publicity I give them?! We have not been able to access e.mails or any … Continue reading

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