Who’s this in my garden?

Each time I go into the garden,  I seem to feel that I am not alone. Have you ever felt that someone is watching you, but you can’t manage to see them ?



Usually the first thing that I know is when I hear a plaintive meeow from somewhere in the border, it can take some time to locate where the noise is coming from when he is hiding among the flowers.

Scent marking

Once he  ( or is it a she ) was found in the back garden, doing a little scent marking,


followed by a bit of flirting, apologies for the weeds !


Does he think I will be impressed  with his beautiful posture.


Is he looking for me do you think , by any chance, or something to hunt !


Its all very well going to sleep, but he has work to do, catching the moles that are creating havoc in the garden. This is the cat that caught the last mole , we saw him running home with it. Don’t know where he lives but he looks well fed, hope he isn’t eating all the wildlife in my garden ! He wouldn’t have dared to come here while my old dog was alive, she would soon have chased him away, but it is nice to have company in the garden once more while I am working so he is welcome to stay, but not by the bird table !!



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2 Responses to Who’s this in my garden?

  1. I couldn’t pass a photo of a cat without reading more, he/she is a beautiful cat, there is a black cat I see sometimes in my garden, there are 2 others but I don’t see them very often, Frances

    • Pauline says:

      He is lovely isn’t he Frances ( I think its a he ) and looks well looked after.Just today ,we have been visited by a young black and white one, I’m being taken over, maybe this one wants to appear on my blog too !

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