Six on Saturday 17.07.21

The rain has stopped and now we have a heatwave, from one extreme to the other! I hate to say it but it is too hot for me, I’m having to plan my gardening from very early when I get up and do my first gardening session in my pjs,  then after breakfast I have to be finished by 10am, after which it just gets far too hot to even think about working. Looking round the garden for 6 plants to feature, needless to say I started in the shade where I found Iris ensata, a Japanese iris, in the bog garden.

No 1    Iris ensata.

It is looking very happy in the shady bog garden, especially with all the rain we have had lately.

The flowers are rather beautiful and measure a good 6 or 7 inches across.

As their common name is Japanese water iris, I’m wondering if I could split them and move them to where I have been having repeated flooding.

No 2    Thalictrum delavayi

A thin wispy plant that shivers in the breeze and grows to about 5ft.. The flowers are so tiny they catch every breath of air that passes. I have mine propped up with the camellia behind it.

The tiny flowers are always moving on the ends of their fine stems. The petals are pale lilac in colour, although they look white here.

No 3   Rosa Golden Wedding.

A present which came from Canada for our Golden Wedding, 5 yrs ago, aptly named Rosa Golden Wedding.

A beautifully formed rose and a lovely reminder of a very happy day spent with all the family.

No 4. Hosta sieboldiana.

Hosta sieboldiana has recovered from being attacked by hailstones a while back. It is quite massive, at least 3 ft tall by 6 ft wide. When it was planted by the front door it was always shredded to lace curtains by slugs and snails, but here in the back garden, not a nibble to be seen, I think the birds and hedgehogs are looking after it for me!

No 5   Crocosmia Lucifer

Hot, hot hot, the heat is being turned up in the garden with Crocosmia Lucifer with Hemerocallis Stafford behind.

No 6   Buddlias.

The buddlias have started flowering , I will now just sit back and wait for the butterflies to come.

To be honest, the butterflies have already arrived, they must have been waiting for the buddlia flowers to open, the perfume is so strong at the moment.

Those are my 6 for this week. Can’t see me getting much gardening done until the temperature drops a bit, a chair in the shade, a good book and a long cold drink and that’s me happy!

Thanks go to Jon The Propagator for hosting this each week, lots of plants to see if you pop over to him.


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12 Responses to Six on Saturday 17.07.21

  1. I always enjoy seeing your crocosmia. Looks great with the daylilies. The lovely yellow rose is a sweet presence in your garden.

    • Pauline says:

      The heat is turning up Susie, colourwise and temperature wise, we now have such hot sunshine, it makes such a change from all the rain.

  2. Anna says:

    The same here Pauline. All gardening activities are taking place as early as possible in the day although I did snip some sweet peas this evening for a vase. Apart from the heat I suffer from hayfever too and also seem to attract all passing biting insects! A beautiful thalictrum – they always look so airy and delicate but are quite tough customers really. Enjoy your seat in the shade and good book.

    • Pauline says:

      Don’t mention biting insects Anna, how they get to some places amazes me! So far I am managing to stay cool, hope you are too, must go and water my pots before the sun comes over the treetops!

  3. Denise says:

    That’s a lovely Iris Pauline and Rosa Golden Wedding is just beautiful. A rose well suited to celebrate such a special occasion. Too hot here for gardening as well!

    • Pauline says:

      It’s the last of my iris to flower Denise and I wait for it imaptiently each year just because it’s so gorgeous! Another hot day today, I was busy gardening at 6am, so a lot got done before breakfast, I can have a rest now!

  4. Crocosmia lucifer is a great flower – such a great colour and stature. I also love that hosta of yours.

    • Pauline says:

      Lucifer is such a show stopper Katharine, he just shouts “look at me”! More crocosmias are in bud but not quite flowering yet.I’m so glad I moved my hosta, it is a lot happier with more room round it, other plants were squeezing it out where it was before and I don’t think the birds and hedgehogs could clean up the slugs and snails.

  5. snowbird says:

    Oh, it’s far too hot for me too, I can’t even let the dogs out. Love your blooms, especially the iris and rose,

    • Pauline says:

      I can remember when we had our lovely old dog, that she just flaked out when it was hot like this. The iris is very special Dina, it makes a lovely show in the bog garden.x

  6. Cathy says:

    Lovely to see your Iris ensata – mine has not flowered for about 5 years and no doubt because it is too dry. I have plans to move it although the piping for the stream must run close by so don’t know easy it will be to dig out!!

    • Pauline says:

      Such a beautiful Iris Cathy, sorry to hear that yours is having a rest from flowering, hope it survives the move! I don’t think the roots go down too deep so hopefully your pipe will be safe.

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