Reaching for the sky.

Really, I don’t think they’re reaching any more, they’ve got there! I’m talking about my 2 huge climbing roses, Rosa Mulligani which was planted shortly after we moved here and Rosa Wedding Day which was planted to mark our daughter’s wedding. Last year R. Wedding Day hadn’t quite reached the top of the old ash tree, but this morning I noticed a gleam of white right at the top and there it was, basking in the beautiful morning sunlight with a brilliant blue sky behind it.

Lower down the white flowers seem to glow in the dark shade.

Half way up there is a nice cluster of flowers.

Three quarters of the way up. I can see thousands of seed clusters just hanging there, no wonder I have to pull out so many seedlings!

Yes, it has made it to the top! This had to be taken from upstairs so that I could see it properly.

Rosa Mulligani which is up the dead oak in the centre of the garden.

It is so much easier to see the flowers without any leaves on the tree.

Lovely against the blue sky.

I keep hoping that one day I’ll see flowers right up to the top. I think I can see rose foliage up there.

In the meantime I will just enjoy what I’ve got.

In years gone by these two roses didn’t flower before July, but for the last 2 years flowering is at least 2 weeks earlier. It’s nice having them flower at the same time as the roses in the front garden.

We have not had any rain for such a long time now, but hopefully the roses have nice long roots that go down deep where there should still be plenty of moisture. We are not used to a drought in this country, but it is at times like this that I’m thankful for my heavy clay which holds onto any moisture that is available.

The only downside that I can see is that the worms have gone down deeper and the moles are making new tunnels…….

As soon as I clear them, more are thrown upwards, it is never ending !

What do you suggest?!

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8 Responses to Reaching for the sky.

  1. Susie says:

    The roses are nice against the blue sky Pauline. Very dry here also, no rain for 6 weeks or so. The mole damage is sad to see.

    • Pauline says:

      Thank you susie, to have such wonderful blue skies every day is unusual for us, quite often they are shades of grey! Our frought continues and shows no sign of coming to an end. I’m getting used to my first job before breakfast being to clear the mole hills that have appeared overnight, just as well that I’m not obsessive about my lawn!

  2. debsgarden says:

    Hi Pauline, your climbing roses are remarkable; what a joy to see them reaching toward the sky! I hope your drought soon ends! We have had lots of rain this summer, and I am grateful for every drop. I still shudder when I remember our prolonged drought from a couple years ago. Your moles are awful! I constantly fuss about all the vole and ground squirrel tunnels in the yard, but at least the damage is not so visible; just lots of holes in the ground.

    • Pauline says:

      No sign of rain for us this week Debs, but they say that maybe, just maybe, we might get a shower at the weekend, that would be wonderful! I am really enjoying all the roses at the moment, but the ones up the trees are very special.
      5 new molehills this morning, I will go and clear them before I have my breakfast, it is a very determined little creature!

  3. Jayne says:

    Those are some mighty mole holes! Ive never had anything like that and now consider my vole tunnels quite controllable after seeing those mounds! They are pesky…how about importiing some owls?

    • Pauline says:

      I wouldn’t mind if it was just holes Jayne, but having to clear the soil every morning is becoming a real nuisance, I’m sure I’m going to fall through one day! We do have a resident tawny owl, but as the mole hardly ever comes above ground, not much use I’m afraid.

  4. snowbird says:

    Your climbing rose is magnificent, I have a similar one romping through the ancient apple tree. Oh, moles, I see those mounds everywhere when walking the dogs but never in the garden, I have no idea what to

    • Pauline says:

      They are both doing really well Dina, without any help from me! The mole is still at it, every morning I have to clear up after it, when will it end?!

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