More Roses, Roses everywhere.

I’m continuing with the roses that I started last Wednesday, there were so many, too many for one post. Keeping up with the deadheading is another job that has to be done every few days, but at least it keeps me in amongst them, smelling their beautiful perfume.

I’ll start with Gertrude Jekyll which ia a beautiful rose, colour, shape and perfume, couldn’t be better. Photo must have been taken some time ago, we haven’t had rain for ages, thank goodness it is coming at the weekend!

R. Snow Goose on the archway leading to the woodland. This is in more shade now from one of my acers, so I think it is flowering really well as it only gets very early morning sunshine.

The flowers are peachy to start with but soon turn white. It is a rambler and unusually for a rambler it carries on flowering all summer.

Rosa Liverpool Hope in the back garden, this is another that starts out peachy, but then goes through various colours, very difficult to describe, but beautiful at all stages. Just wish it’s stems weren’t so floppy!

The Red Rose of Lancashire to remind me of home! Rosa gallica officinalis is more pink than red, ithe RHS describes it as “cherry red”, in bud it is red though!

Lots of lovely buds which will keep coming for a long time.

R. The Pilgrim is one that sat in flood water all winter, it doesn’t seem to have affected it at all, in fact it is flowering beautifully.

R. The coutryman is doing well in the side border, but I might have to cut shrubs back to give it more room.

Climbing rose New Dawn on the pergola. She has only just started flowering, but I can see lots of buds to come.

This is the time of year when I have to remember to look up, my huge rambler Rosa mulligani has started flowering on the dead oak. I’ve never known it to start half way through June before, usually it is right at the end and into July before it flowers. I think you might see this one again!

Another huge rambler, this time R. Wedding Day, planted when our daughter got married, has reached the top of the old ash tree in the back garden.

Wedding Day has flopped over the golden Philadelphus at its feet and the flowers mingle together, but of course I get the perfume from the philadelphus as I walk by. This is another that is flowering earlier than usual.

A floribunda living up to its name, it is covered with dainty flowers all summer long. This was here before we arrived and I’ve never been able to find out its name.

The first flower on Bonica. All my Bonica roses got a good prune by the roe deer when he visited and replacement buds are only just starting to flower, there seem to be lots more buds than usual, maybe he did me a favour!

Climbing rose William Morris by the sitting room window. He has grown rather a lot, don’t know how I’m going to get up there to deadhead!

I think that is most of my roses, I’m still waiting for R. Glauca, it is slow to flower this year as are one or two others.The heat is mounting, coming from the south, but we have been promised cooler weather and rain at the weekend, the plants and I will be very happy! When it gets warm like this I concentrate working on my shady borders, thank goodness I have so many of them, they are always tidier than my sunny borders!

Happy gardening!

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8 Responses to More Roses, Roses everywhere.

  1. snowbird says:

    Oh, so many gorgeous roses. You are spoilt for choice. I had two ancient ramblers and they both died after the winter, I wish I knew

    • Pauline says:

      How sad that your ramblers died for no apparent reason, very strange. It is nice to have so many different varieties, although I found this morning that the roe deer has been back and had a good breakfast of new rose shoots!x

  2. Denise says:

    What a wonderful selection Pauline and do you know, I never knew that Rosa Gallica Officinalis was the Red Rose of Lancashire! I always learn something new in your posts. I am glad the deer haven’t caused any lasting damage.

    • Pauline says:

      I had expected the red rose of Lancashire to be more of a pillar box red, not so pink, but its lovely to have just for its history Denise. Couldn’t help but laugh at your last comment about the deer as I have just found at 5am that he has been back and left a pile of droppings right by a freshly chewed rose bush!!! There were lots of juicy new shoots on all my roses and he has helped himself and had a good breakfast!

      • Denise says:

        Sorry to hear that Pauline. But I do think it is admirable that you are kind enough to help feed the local wildlife lol.

        • Pauline says:

          I don’t mind too much, I have plenty of others. I have just been out with my trowel and flicked his droppings onto the rose that he chewed, after all, if he eats my roses he can fertilise them too!

  3. Frank says:

    Beautiful, I can see why you needed a second post! The fragrance must be so nice, I have a rugosa by the driveway and it’s so nice to get a drift of scent calling you over when you get out.
    Your peonies were quite excellent as well. It seems you have more flowers than ever and I think that’s what June is supposed to be 🙂

    • Pauline says:

      June is such a wonderful month here Frank, flowery overload! All this means lots of deadheading of course, but it is nice to be amongst the all the perfume.

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