Feline invasion.

This post is for  all the cat lovers that I know are out there. I think the word has gone round our village that any cats that come to the garden will appear on my blog ! Our latest visitor is this young black and white one.

Back view

Looking very aloof, but look at that shiny coat, does it use Pantene !!

Front view

Aloof, me ?  what nonsense !


I don’t know the meaning of aloof !

With f;owers

Very pretty among the flowers.

On steps

Puss is very nervous at the moment, but he/she will have to get used to the fact that this really  is my garden and that it will be seeing a lot of me if it keeps visiting. Hope all my small mammals and birds manage to survive 2 cats stalking in the garden, have to get this young one trained up to catch the elusive mole which is still digging up the lawn !


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4 Responses to Feline invasion.

  1. debsgarden says:

    Lets hope the cats are after the moles and not the birds! I think this particular kitty likes to pose for the camera. Great pictures!

    • Pauline says:

      We have quite a few mice and voles in the garden, which I am quite happy with Deb, as they bring in the Tawny owls, they sit in the dead oak and I drift off to sleep listening to them hooting . It seems the owl will now have to share them with my 2 visitors but if I find them chasing my birds, war will be declared !!

  2. oh Paulene I just love the photo of the feline in your flowers ~ beautiful, he/she is a very beautiful cat, I hope they help keep the varmitts under control and leave the birds alone, how lovely to have a tawny owl visit, there don’t seem to be any owls on the islands I’ve never heard any since I’ve been here but then I get lots of other birds instead, thanks for sharing your new feline friend, Frances

    • Pauline says:

      I agree Frances, puss certainly is a beautiful looking cat. I think you have snowy owls up in your part of the country, but maybe more towards Orkney and Shetland .

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