Feeding the inner man

Over the summer the fruit and vegetable garden has been in full production. When we got back from Austria we were greeted  with an explosion in the fruit cage. Everything needed picking so that job was a priority. Gooseberries, black and red currants and rhubarb all needed picking at once, half of which was put in the freezer waiting to be turned into something delicious , the other half we thoroughly enjoyed as ice cream, sorbets and fools! The last of the strawberries were eaten by the neighbours who came to do the watering while we were away – with our permission, I hasten to add!!!

The vegetables have moved up a gear and are still in full production, also the autumn raspberries are ripening nicely.

We only have one courgette plant, but that is more than enough, what a huge plant it is. The two of us  can just about keep pace with all that it is producing – any extras will be made into chutney.

Broad beans were planted specially for husband Ray and I must say that I am now converted. The awful broad beans I had over 50 yrs ago for school dinners put me off for life, or so I thought, until we started growing our own

Runner beans are still producing merrily, there is always plenty to pick each day, with any excess being frozen for the winter or made into more chutney!

The sweetcorn is now ready for picking over the next few days , can’t wait, get the pan of water boiling ready! The onions and garlic are drying nicely in the greenhouse ready to be stored for hearty casseroles and stir fries in the winter. I grew far too much garlic so now I think we are completely safe fom Dracula for the next 12 months !

The Bramley cooking apple tree is absolutely groaning with fruit, we always have loads to give  away to unwary visitors!

The inner man should be well satisfied!!!

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