Cyclamen and Colchicums

Bulbs popping up and flowering at this time of year always seem extra special. One minute there isn’t any sign of what’s to come, then suddenly, there they are, flowering away and looking lovely. The Cyclamen always come first, starting to flower in August, then come September and the Colchicums join in.

Lovely dark pink variety of cyclamen. This dark one has now started seeding around so quite a few seedlings are now spreading in the woodland.

I think the white ones have been spreading the most, they seem to be everywhere now.

Sometimes there are a mixture of both white and pink.

Paler pink variety, spreading nicely.

There are some lovely large tubers at the far end of the woodland, these like lots of others were put here courtesy of the ants as dropped seeds!

The cyclamen just get better and better as the years go by, more seed is moved by the ants and then 4 years later more flowers appear and so it goes on without me having to do anything!

The second clump of my Colchicum are now all flowering on the rockery.

This clump is more protected from the wind so don’t get blown over so easily.

I keep telling myself that I must buy some different varieties, but have never got round to it. I must treat mtslf to some white ones.

There are so many flowers now on this group, I think I can move a few to another area and start another clump.

When the sun comes out, they look so different when wide open.

The bees are loving them, there are usually quite a few around, just not when I took the photo!

I don’t think any colchicum seed is getting spread by ants, I haven’t noticed any odd ones coming up elsewhere, but the bulbs do seem to increase readily which means I can move them and start another lot elsewhere. I have a few earmarked for my new Acer glade where the old veggies used to be, they can be moved there with a few cyclamen corms when I get round to planting in that area, then I will have interest in that area at this time of year.


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10 Responses to Cyclamen and Colchicums

  1. Paddy Tobin says:

    The colchicums are looking very well, great autumn plants.

  2. Denise says:

    I must say Pauline there aren’t really any gaps in your garden flowering. No sooner are some disappearing than new ones are arriving. I particularly like the white cyclamen.

    • Pauline says:

      I like it Denise when one wave takes over from another, it makes gardening interesting, always something to enjoy. The white cyclamne seem to be spreading faster than the pink ones, I have quite a lot of them now.

  3. snowbird says:

    How lovely to have such delicate beauties at this time of the year. Bless your ants!xxx

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