Tulip Time.

Tulips do not do very well here in our garden as the soil is too heavy,in spite of being improved by adding compost, leaf mould and grit,  but I keep trying. This last winter was very dry so the few bulbs that I put in seem to have survived very well. This one is Abu Hassan and I like it so much, I must buy more next autumn – colours are a lovely dark burgundy and gold.

Abu Hassan


This is a lovely red one with delicate white fringing to the petals – definitely more needed. Sorry, but most of them don’t have names any more.


It has this white one amongst it for contrast, along with

White and red

this white and red one, lovely markings.

Red and yellow

This yellow and red one is at the top of the garden and glows like a beacon.

Red and Yellow

It is a large one and can’t be missed – but only one – I must have planted at least 10 !


This is an unusual one in that it likes to grow in woodland areas – Tulipa sylvestris – I planted a few bulbs years ago and then forgot all about them as they never appeared, that is until this year when this lone flower put in an appearance – where are the others !!

Red and white

Another red one with white edging but this time without the fringing.


Deep purple in the pink section of the border.

Yellow fringe

A lovely yellow with fringed petals, this one fades to a delicious cream,  more please.

Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night looking gorgeous with the sun shining through the petals like a stained glass window.


Shirley starts out white with a lilac edging, then the colour bleeds into the white as time goes by, very pretty.

I will buy more in the autumn, I won’t give up, maybe we will have another dry winter and then the bulbs won’t rot away in all the rain that we usually have. All the tulip bulbs that I have are planted on various slopes that are in the garden so I hope that they will not be sitting in wet soil for months on end. Also, this time, I think I will add a handful of grit to each planting hole to improve the drainage even more. Tulips are such wonderful, colourful bulbs and make such a splash of colour when planted en masse, its no wonder we all try to grow the impossible !



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2 Responses to Tulip Time.

  1. Beautiful tulips. I love Abu Hassan – I keep forgetting to order it, so have only seen it through other peoples’ blogs. Hopefully I’ll remember to order it this September. Keep persevering with the tulips – they are worth it!

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Sharon, I will keep trying, but I’m afraid it depends on the winter weather, what sort of results I will get next spring.

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