The calm before another storm.

Having been warned that there is another large storm heading across the Atlantic towards us, I made the most of a nice sunny day to take some photos before the storm hits us and maybe flattens everything!

Starting my usual wander at the side, I can’t help but be amazed at G. Trumps striding across the flower bed. New bulbs are forming each year, a little way from the previous years. At this rate he will soon be out the front gate and down the road!

The left hand corner of the back garden is brightened up with lots of lovely snowdrops and hellebores. It won’t be long before all the daffodils are joining in.

An old hellebore on the slope into the woodland, so old that the name has long been lost in the mist of time!

Crocus tommasinianus are popping up in the back lawn, each day there are more opening up to the sunshine.

Colourful red berries of Iris foetidissima getting in on the act with snowdrops and cyclamen coum.

In the woodland Crocus tommasinianus mix so well with the snowdrops and are spreading their seed far and wide.

….some coming up in the path…….

…….and a few jumping right across the path into the damp area where the fritillaries are!

The first area filled with bulbs where the rhododendrons used to be. It is amazing how lots of bulbs have seeded around, hidden under the rhododendrons, at last they have enough light to flower.

Looking across the original path with snowdrops everywhere, the single wild ones are now flowering and adding to the drifts.

The little slope at the end of the woodland, wild ones joining in with the specials.

I’m now wandering round making notes of which clumps of wild singles that I can split. Last year I got 67 new little clumps from 3 large clumps, I hope I can do that again this year.

Narcissus pseudonarcissus is a species daffodil so is allowed to set seed as it will seed true. They are spreading nicely through the woodland, I saved the seed last year and scattered it, so in a few years time I should have more flowers, I must remember to do it again this year.

Cyclamen coum are spreading nicely too. I think the seeds must still be hanging around when the ants wake up from hibernation.

That is the end of my wander, the sun has gone, the clouds are looking very grey and the wind is starting to get up, time to batten down the hatches and wait for the storm to pass over. I hope there won’t be too much damage tomorrow, but then it might be Monday before I find out, it depends how bad tomorrow turns out to be, I think I will stay inside nice and warm! Hope the storm doesn’t cause you any damage and that any flowers that you have will survive.


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8 Responses to The calm before another storm.

  1. Your spring garden always looks so lovely Pauline. Hope the storm isn‘t too bad. It is coming our way Sunday night too!

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Cathy, at this time of year, I have to have my daily wander to see all the flowers. At the moment I can hear the wind howling through the trees in the woodland and just hope they are allright. I hope it has lost some of it’s force before it gets to you on Sunday.

  2. Cathy says:

    I am hoping the same, Pauline, although our garden is fairly protected. It’s good to hear that your special snowdrops are increasing well – I have Trumps too and it is certainly establishing well

    • Pauline says:

      The wind is making its presence felt at the moment and I suppose it will do so all night Cathy. My ancient trees protect the garden but over the years branches get ripped off in the gales and I just hope no serious damage is caused.I am amazed at how well the snowdrops have increased, so gratifying after all the work splitting them last year!

  3. Denise says:

    Your woodland garden is looking absolutely beautiful Pauline. I really hope it survives the storm without any damage. And your ancient trees! We are expecting storm weather here today too.

    • Pauline says:

      The wind is still howling Denise, it hasn’t left us yet unfortunately, I hope it loses some of its strength before it gets to you. Hopefully my plants will be fine, they are very resilient as long as a branch doesn’t come down!

  4. snowbird says:

    Your spring flowers are simply beautiful. I do hope the rain doesn’t spoil

    • Pauline says:

      They are all surviving so far Dina, the only damage after storm Ciara were lots of twigs and small branches down in the woodland, but no flowers were squashed. I have a honeysuckle up one of the oak trees, well it was up one of the oak rtrees, now it is hanging down over the path. I will have to see if Neil can fix it back up next time he comes. We will now wait for Storm Dennis to arrive at the weekend!

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