Six on Saturday 25. 06. 22

At last we have had rain, not only did this give me a rest from gardening yesterday but it gave the plants a much needed drink and I’m sure they will feel much better for it. We have had more rain overnight and this morning and more is due later today, so at least I can catch up on my housework!

My six for this week are as follows-

No 1

Crocosmia Lucifer has started to flower, soon he will be bedecked in all his finery and drawing attention to himself at the top of the garden. You just won’t be able to miss him!

No 2

Chrysanthemum parthenium or Feverfew, has gone mad and seeded everywhere. My book says it grows to 18 inches but mine are all at least 4ft tall, if not 5 ft!

No 3

It’s Penstemon time again, this one was bought as a purple one, but hey ho, it contrasts nicely with the blue campanula and geranium around it.

No 4

I think this might be Silene alpestris growing on what I call the alpine scree. It has been well behaved up till now but is suddenly spreading rather quickly, I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

No 5

My first astilbe to flower, there are lots more to come. This is actually on the rockery, not the bog garden, but in a spot where the rain water collects.

No 6

My first Iris ensata to flower in the bog garden., the blue ones are still in tight bud. This is in very wet soil on top of the underground stream so seems very happy with the continuous moisture that it has at its feet.

That is my six for this week, it is always a challenge to know what to leave out and what to include. It looks as though the rain might be with us, on and off all day so maybe I’ll get to watch the tennis final at Eastbourne as long as they don’t have rain too!

Thanks again to Jon the Propagator for hosting, do pay him a visit to see what everyone else is doing in their gardens.


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10 Responses to Six on Saturday 25. 06. 22

  1. Denise says:

    I had to laugh Pauline…my housework also gets done when it rains….or when visitors are due. I can imagine it is hard to choose only 6 just now but these are a lovely selection. Lucifer is one of my favourites.

    • Pauline says:

      Yes, I’m a fair weather gardener Denise, and housework does need doing sometime! Lucifer has increased so much that after flowering I must dig up at least half as it is taking up too much room and I can hardly find the gate, never mind get through it to the pond area!

  2. Rosie says:

    Super six, I prefer to be out in the garden rather than doing housework.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Now you all are making me feel guilty – housework has suffered in my world as well, I must do the floors if nothing else…Luckily we are having rain also, so maybe it will happen. I have feverfew envy – I need to tuck some in somewhere next year. It is so cheerful and does not seem affected by pests. In Seattle it kept to the 18 inch or less height.

    • Pauline says:

      It seems that most of us are the same Elizabeth, gardening is far more important than housework! I agree, Feverfew is a very cheerful looking plant and it seems to grow anywhere, not fussy about its soil at all. I think all my taller plants of it have been enjoying all the rain we had in the winter.

  4. Your showcased plants are lovely. I especially like your astilbe and penstemon. I bought Husker Red Penstemon years ago and it thrived, reseeding everywhere, putting on a good show. I’ve tried many others in red and purple through the years but they simply fail.

    • Pauline says:

      I have admired your Husker Red on your blog for a long time now Susie. I have White Bedder and Garnet that have been with me for nearly 30 yrs, I must remember to take cuttings in future.

  5. snowbird says:

    Yes, if it wasn’t for rain I don’t think any gardener would get around to housework. Your lovely feverfew is far taller than mine! I love our penstemon, you have me wondering where mine has

    • Pauline says:

      At the moment it is tennis that stops me gardening Dina, so I try to get as much done in the morning so that I can be free for the afternoon! Penstemon are such good value, they flower for such a long time as long as they are deadheaded, must buy some more.x

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