Six on Saturday 11.12.21

The north wind that came with Storm Barra very kindly blew the leaves into the woodland, where they will still need clearing because of the snowdrops,  but maybe after Christmas. Almost all the leaves are down now, except for one stubborn oak tree which is determined to hang on for a bit longer! It is time for Six on Saturday once more but they are getting harder to find, here are mine…..

No 1  Winter Jasmine

Flowering away by the front door is the winter jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum, which will flower for a few months, depending on how cold it gets.

No 2  Winter flowering clematis

Not quite flowering yet, but showing lots of promise is this winter flowering clematis, Clematis Winter Beauty. It is covered in buds, looking just like fairy lights strung along the arbour in the back garden.

No 3  Japanese Azalea

One of my newish  japanese azaleas on the rockery has decided to flower, I hope  it doesn’t regret it!

No 4 Acer Seedling.

An Acer seedling which Derek found while weeeding for me one day, is it a seedling of A. Osakazuki maybe? I hope so, but do I plant it in the garden somewhere or do I bonsai it?!

No 5  Mahonia Charity

It is a wonderful year for the Mahonias, this is Charity and is looking wonderful at the moment.

No 6 High rise living for someone.

Now that the leaves have all gone from the Ash tree, I can see that something has been living up there, is it a squirrel’s drey or a crow’s nest I wonder? Whatever it is , it must have been a bit worrying in the storm!

Those are my six for this week, thanks again to Jon The Propagator for hosting. Do pay him a visit to see what is happening in gardens around the world.


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10 Responses to Six on Saturday 11.12.21

  1. Denise says:

    I have never been blessed with an acer seedling. How lovely! My choice, plant in the garden.

    • Pauline says:

      I would love it in the garden Denise, but where, that is the problem. It has to be sheltered from the wind and not have too much sun, not forgetting, it has to have space to grow and I don’t have much empty space left!

  2. Jim Stephens says:

    Twice in the last few years I have spotted and potted Acer seedlings, only for them to vanish into thin air. I could do with a new one, the old one’s on its way out. What a lovely thing Mahonia ‘Charity’ is, I have ‘Soft Caress’ and it needs to pull its socks up or it will be going.

    • Pauline says:

      I hope that doesn’t happen to mine Jim. Derek dug it up with a ball of pure clay round its roots, that was how he found it, its a wonder it germinated! I agree about Soft Caress, I bought one 2 yrs ago and no sign of any flowers yet, how long do I have to wait?

  3. Megan Hall says:

    Love the idea of the clematis being like fairy lights 🙂

  4. Bittster says:

    haha, I have a few maple seedlings which I also don’t have a home for. They look promising, but like you say, are tricky to site. Good luck!

  5. snowbird says:

    I love the fairy clematis, so pretty. Loving your winter blooms, especially that brave little azalea. How wonderful to have an acer seedling. A bonsai is a great idea, especially if you have no room for

    • Pauline says:

      I’m still waiting for the clematis flowers to open Dina, they will look even more pretty then.The azalea is lucky that we are having such a mild spell, I hope it doesn’t get frozen in the next cold spell!

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