Six on Saturday. 10.12.2022

It’s snowing! I didn’t think I would have anything to show you this week, but at 8am this morning Nature thought differently so out I went to take a few photographs, by the time I came in I was looking a bit like a snowman myself! For us here in Devon, to have snow in December is very unusual, if it does happen it is usually just Dartmoor that catches it, not this time though, I wonder how long it will last.

In the meantime, lets show you what I saw early this morning……..

No 1

The view from my gateway looking across the fields.

No 2

Mahonia Charity always has extra sparkle when it snows.

No 3

You can see the snow falling against the dark background in this one.

No 4

My box balls haven’t reached the iced muffin stage yet, they need a lot more snow before they look like that!

No 5.

The box Ginger jar needs more snow to stand out more, I don’t think it will get it at the moment.

No 6.

But what would you do with a new gardener that cuts back your red stemmed Cornus just when it is coming to its peak to be the centre of the winter border by the drive. I have 9 bushes around 3 lots of silver birch trees, underplanted with snowdrops and they usually look really beautiful for the months of Jan, Feb and March. I didn’t find out what he had done until after he had left, but will have to have words next Friday when I see him! Oh dear.

While I have been preparing my photos and writing this post, the snow has stopped and the sun is trying to peep through the clouds so I don’t think our snow will last very long, but at least it gave me something  to photograph for my post!

Many thanks once more to Jim at Garden Ruminations for hosting, do pay him a visit if you want to see what is happening in other gardens around the world.


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12 Responses to Six on Saturday. 10.12.2022

  1. Nice snowy pictures! My yard looks like the person in charge of the icing decided to just dump it everywhere! Sorry about your dogwood – it will survive and next year the gardener will know better!

    • Pauline says:

      I’m rather glad the snow didn’t last very long, we usually get some here in February or March, not December, I’m sure you get much more than we do! I agree, the dogwood will recover next year, but still a shame.

  2. Rosie says:

    Love your tidy bush plants and the ginger jar one.

  3. Graeme says:

    Oh heck regarding the Cornus. Did they cut all of them back? Your garden looks really good with a dusting of light snow. We had a bit this morning in Somerset which came as a surprise.

    • Pauline says:

      Oh heck wasn’t quite what I said Graeme! Yes, he cut all nine down to the ground, I’ll just have to give them some fertiliser and hope that they are even better than usual next year. The snow didn’t last long, we had a second dusting later but then the sun came out and it all quickly went, today has been a hard frost with fog, that has lasted all day.

  4. What a shame about the cornus, another year to wait! Your gardener has some learning to do. Everything looks very pretty in the snow.

    • Pauline says:

      Yes, another year’s wait for the cornus Jane, hopefully next year I can remember to stand guard! The dusting of snow didn’t last very long and today has been very foggy with a hard frost.

  5. Denise says:

    A dusting of snow really does enhance the garden at this time of year. Lovely photo of the Mahonia, each leaf stands out against the dark background and looks really lovely. You must be so disappointed about the cornus. As a consolation, I hope next years display will be better than ever.

    • Pauline says:

      The snow certaibly shows up the structure of the garden, but also shows what needs tidying up Denise! The Mahonia stood out with its lovely spiky leaves decorated with the snow, worthy of a photo I thought.

  6. Cathy says:

    Your clipped structures really stand out, Pauline – makes the effort of clipping them even more worthwhile!

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