Rockery progress report.

The rockery is starting to look as I imagined it would when I first thought about replanting it a few years ago when large shrubs were removed. It has taken time for new little shrubs to settle in and start to grow and flower. There are a few things that will need moving and changing, I never can get it totally right the first time round when I redo a border!

The Japanese Azalea, which was here when we moved here 30 odd years ago, is commanding attention at the moment. It is such a bright colour you can’t miss it, but for the past few years it had needed a bit of pruning as it was starting to flop everywhere. The scree in front which is the only place in the garden which has good drainage, has had some new plants added, but I must find more that will flower later in the year and of course leave space for little bulbs to be added in the autumn.

I must remember to buy some more Narcissus Thalia in the autumn, I have plenty at the right hand end of the crescent shaped rockery and plenty at the left hand end, but non in the middle!

I have just bought a lovely plant of Erysimum Bowles Mauve and will use it for lots of cuttings so that I can have quite a few plants flowering on and off all year round.

Foxgloves have popped up in between various plants, probably seeds in the compost when adding it to the soil when planting.  Gradually I am getting rid of the purple ones, but if they are going to be white, then they can stay so that I can collect the seed for sprinkling in the woodland.

The rockery really does look better facing it from the other side as it slopes to the north, but even so from the south side it is still possible to see the plants that have been chosen for their colourful foliage which will be here for most of the year.

The lush green leaves towards the top of the photo belong to a group of Colchicum which of course will flower in the autumn and make a nice splash of colour.

The pink saxifrage that I planted last year is certainly happy in its new home and is spreading nicely over and around the rocks. The double yellow Jack in the Green type of primrose is now definitely in need of splitting, I must see to that when it finishes flowering.

Dotted through the rockery are quite a few clumps of Narcissus poeticus recurvus, these are my last Narcissus to flower, sometimes not flowering until May, I think though these will be flowering next week. The clumps are now quite large and in need of splitting. I have also read that this narcissus likes damp soil and aborts its buds if it is too dry, so maybe I need to move them to where it floods or the bog garden! Usually I only get a couple of flowers on each clump, this clump has 10 buds which probably means it liked all our rain last July!

The alpine scree has also had a few additions in the last few days. The first newcomer to be planted was Armeria maritima, sea thrift, which I hope will like the conditions. I have also bought a few phlox but have had to remember to leave space for autumn bulbs and also to try and do something in the centre with the broken roof tiles from Storm Eunice!

This is the rockery as it is now, still room for improvement, so will post updates as and when more plants are added. I think I’ll be going to the garden centre every few months to see their alpine plants and decide what can be bought to give colour later in the year, any suggestions will be gladly received.

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8 Responses to Rockery progress report.

  1. Denise says:

    Well that’s what I would call a very successful remake! Lovely colours and combinations. I looked up Narcissus poeticus recurvus. What a lovely daffodil, I must keep my eye open for some in the Autumn. In the same photo, on the left, looks like a flowering shrub with very pretty pink flowers. What is this? I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions for colour later in the year. But I may well steal your ideas later lol.

    • Pauline says:

      Thank you Denise, glad you approve! The flowering shrub is a little prunus which has double flowers like pom poms but I’m afraid the name has long gone as it was planted such a long time ago, I have a white variety too. Once the whole bush is in flower it will probably appear in a Six on Saturday post when someone might be able to give it a name!

  2. Cathy says:

    It has been interesting to read your musings as you redo your border, Pauline – sometimes trial and error turns out to be the best way to go! That azalea must look even more stunning in real life!

    • Pauline says:

      You can’t miss the azalea Cathy, it hits you between the eyes, it is so bright! My posts are really me just thinking out aloud, trying to remember all the things I need to do.

  3. Linda CASPER says:

    Lovely spring planting

  4. snowbird says:

    It’s looking wonderful, such a lovely selection of plants. Looking forward to seeing new additions as the year goes

    • Pauline says:

      I’m beginning to think that I haven’t left much room for additions later in the year Dina! I’ll have to remove some things that have seeded themselves and are now taking up valuable space!x

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