Is March over already?

How time flies, this last month has flown by with an assortment of weather thrown at us and the latest lockdown has been responsible for me working in the garden practically every day, twice a day usually . I can’t remember when I last did so much physical work! Every day new treasures are emerging to please us and the bees, but I really wish I had a pause button as I would like to catch up with everything. I seem to say this every year, but never seem to be more organised, no matter how hard I try. The flowers won’t wait for us, so let’s go for a wander.

From the back door I can see that more flowers are opening on the rockery each day.

Prunus Kojo no mai has such dainty, pretty blossom, I must keep it within bounds this time and not let it grow so large!

Dwarf tulips are now flowering on the scree, this is the only place where the drainage is good enough for them.

Scilla sibirica are well into their stride now, such a gorgeous colour.

View across the scree.

A lot of the camellias are still flowering, contrasting with the yellow of all the narcissus, I try to keep yellow away from this one!

All the different primulas are beginning to flower now, this one is so happy, it is increasing really well.

Further round on the rockery is Primula Guinivere, such a pretty colour with lovely dark contrasting leaves.

Primula sibthorpii is also spreading nicely.

Primula denticulata is doing so well , I think I can move more to here as they will obviously be happy.

Lots of hellebores are still flowering, although some have finished already, it will soon be time to start deadheading them all!

A new little mini project that I planted up yesterday, I just have a few wild snowdrops to add to it and then I will do a post about it.

Looking across the garden from the back lawn.

My first Erythronium to flower in the woodland, this one is E. Sun Disc. My others all have buds but no flowers open yet.

No more casualities with the Fritillaria meleagris thank goodness.

It’s no good, Rusty Pheasant, you let me down this year, I expect you to keep my fritillaries safe!

Narcissus St. Patrick’s Day was only a week late opening, so he can be forgiven! While working near him last week, I heard such a loud scuffling, huffing and grunting, so loud you would have thought a wild boar was going to charge out of my hedge at me. Speaking to someone who knows, ie Derek, the gardener,  I was told that it would be a hedgehog waking up from hibernation, I couldn’t believe there would be so much noise from such a small animal and how lovely that he/she chose my hedge to hibernate in!

Brunnera Alexander’s Great is getting better and better as the days go by.

Corydalis solida George Baker seems to like his spot in the woodland, but I have just read that Corydalis solida plants like to be in the sun…oops!

Acer Sango kaku is looking so pretty at the moment . This is always the first of my Acers to come into leaf and the first to loose them in the autumn.

So pretty and so delicate at this stage, the different colours of the branches, leaves and tiny flowers go so well together.

A general view of the woodland before we leave and make our way round to the front drive.

My Chaenomeles by the back door, gets better and better each day, but the leaves are now coming so the flowers will soon stop for another year, it has been wonderul all winter.

We have come to the front to see all the primroses who have been having a wonderful time flinging their seed everywhere!

Some of the seed has come up white which is rather nice. The one lone Chionodoxa is the only one left after I planted a packet many years ago, that is why the ones I have in pots now will get planted on the scree with better drainage!

The view from the landing window showing how far they have spread. There has just been the postman and myself to appreciate them up till now, although now lockdown is easing my next door neighbour came for a cup of tea in the garden yesterday, still socially distanced of course, and she was admiring them too.

As you can see Spring has certainly arrived in the garden here, the plants are coping with fluctuating temperatures, one minute the wind coming from the Arctic and the next from Africa! Has spring arrived with you yet, are you able to enjoy lots of beautiful flowers, I hope so. Happy gardening over Easter!

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6 Responses to Is March over already?

  1. Denise says:

    Already so much happening in your garden Pauline, it’s just beautiful. I love all the primulas. It’s a wonderful time of year when everything in the garden takes off at breakneck speed! Wishing you a happy Easter Pauline!

    • Pauline says:

      The primulas are a wonderful family Denise, so many different varieties, all of them lovely. Blossom is now starting to flower on the trees, but I think everything will slow down this week with the wind coming from the arctic, it might give me a chance to catch up a bit! Wishing you a very Happy Easter Denise, our lockdown is being eased but we are told to still stay local so that means not seeing my family yet unfortunately.

  2. Cathy says:

    I think I would feel right at home in your garden, Pauline! Your fritillaries are especially gorgeous, thankfully molested no further, and my crop have a long way to go before becoming as dense as yours. I am glad you have the chance to catch up on some of your garden jobs although have you found there are so many little tasks that you keep getting distracted by a different one?! As you say, temperatures are going to put paid to some of them for the time being. Such a joy to share your spring garden, thank you Pauline

    • Pauline says:

      Thank you Cathy, I’m glad you enjoyed walking round with me! Yes, I do get distracted so now I’ve made myself a list so I don’t forget what needs doing and its so lovely when I can cross things off. The wind this morning is bitterly cold from the north east so its back on with the big coat for the next few days and I think any sensible flower buds will stay tightly shut!

  3. Anna says:

    Your spring garden is beautiful as ever Pauline. Shame that there is a cold spell on the way to spoil our fun for a couple of days or so. Wishing you a most happy and joyous Easter.

    • Pauline says:

      Thank you Anna, the flowers really have gone into overdrive over the last week or so. It wind has been really bitter over the last few days and I think it is going to get even colder, so any self respecting flower bud should stay firmly closed! A cold wind can’t spoil a Happy Easter though, my good wishes to you Anna.

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