Good for another 30 yrs!

I thought I would update you on the Calor Gas saga now that I have a shiny new gas tank at the side of the house. I received a letter from Calor Gas telling me that they were coming last Friday with a new tank for me, also telling me that I didn’t have to be there, they could install it without me. I was ready for them at 8am and I waited and waited, eventually gave up and made my lunch at 12.45pm, when I went back into the kitchen at 1.45pm, (my kitchen is at the front,)  having watched the news while I was eating my lunch, this is what I saw on the drive.

The hugge lorry/crane was parked right by the house, my old tank had already been lifted out, mine is on the far side, and the man was in the middle of installing the new tank in exactly the same place as the old one, so all that fuss about nothing!

I thought I could maybe get a better photograph from upstairs, but that was even worse, I couldn’t get far enough away and there wasn’t any room on the drive for me.

I can only assume that the driver must have reversed up our little road, but how he negotiated the 90 degree corner onto the drive without damaging the gate posts, I will never know. There was a bit of damage to a shrub, but a pair of loppers yesterday soon put that right. A large van then arrived and just managed to squeeze in by the garage, so far all the work had been done by one man who later left with his huge vehicle at about 3pm. I then met the man with the van who had to run a few tests, I later had to test the gas hob and the boiler, the hob was fine but the boiler had a flashing red light. Van man came in, masked up and socially distanced,  with his little tool and very quickly had the boiler working nicely.

Here is my nice new shiny tank, but still not a thing of beauty! This is what you see when you walk up the drive so I have been on line looking for screens for gardens and have found a lovely selection, the question is, will Calor Gas approve of any of them?! You can see the stumps of the leylandii hedge which had to be removed.

As van man was leaving he said “There you are, you will be ok now for another 30 yrs” I couldn’t help but laugh, the tank might be ok for 30 yrs but I don’t think I’ll be around then, I don’t really want to live to be 108 – do I ?!!

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8 Responses to Good for another 30 yrs!

  1. Susie says:

    What a relief you must feel to have the new tank installed now and you can concentrate on your lovely garden. Glad it worked out ok.

  2. Denise says:

    I am sure you will find something to hide it Pauline. Still, lovely to have it all done and dusted. Must be quite a relief that nothing was damaged. I am also glad to hear they took appropriate precautions when entering your house.

    • Pauline says:

      I’m just glad that the whole episode is over and done with Denise, although I will enjoy looking at screens and deciding which ones to have.

  3. snowbird says:

    Oh, that’s wonderful. No mess, no fuss just a job done well quickly. I do hope you have another 30 years to enjoy your family friends and

  4. Well, it’s reassuring to know that if you do live to 108 the tank will still be fine! Glad to hear the installation was so trouble free with only minimal damage.

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Cathy, I don’t think I’ll be living here then though! I am amazed at how trouble free it was actually on the day, just wish it could have been before hand though.

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