Deep and crisp and even.

Is this the last of the snow, I do hope so. We had a lot more last night, on top of yesterday’s, which had frozen solid, and have had more this morning. The garden now just looks like a lot of amorphous blobs – outlines of different plants and leaf shapes are all blending into one rounded shape.

Amorphous shapes

Garden seats

It’s just as well that we don’t want to sit in the garden at the moment, it might be quite some time before we can do that again.

Box balls

My box balls look just like heavily iced muffins.

Lonicera hedge

The lonicera hedge looks like a slab of well iced cake, is there a cooking theme going on here?

Carving of books

My carving of a pile of gardening books with a Little Owl on top is rapidly disappearing.


My robin is still determined to eat as much as possible.


In spite of all the extra food that I have put out for the birds, he still comes for his own supply of seeds if I venture into the garden.


They say that starlings are now an endangered species – not in my garden – and they are so greedy and bossy, chasing everything else away from the food.

The Chestnuts

We must now have at least 10 inches of snow, if not more. Very pretty indeed, but it is now time for it to go, I want my garden back !!!

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