Blossom. Top 10 for March.

Having recently done a post about most of my perennials and bulbs that are flowering at the moment, I noticed the other day that blossom was starting to flower on some of my shrubs. It just so happened that ten of my shrubs were starting to flower, lucky coincidence! With lovely weather at the moment, it was ideal for a wander and taking photos. I feel I am so lucky having my garden to wander in while I’m self isolating, the sunny weather is a bonus, thank goodness it wasn’t while we had that awful rain!

Camellia flowers were the first ones that I noticed.

Following my usual path round the garden and starting in the front garden, Kerria japonica Pleniflora is flowering by the front entrance.

At the opposite side of the entrance my cherry tree has just one cluster of flowers open at the moment.

Squelching through part of the bog garden to photograph it, is a deep red camellia, I think this maybe needs moving as it is crowding out a rhododendron.

A native hedge plant is Prunus spinosa, Blackthorn, which gives us the Sloes for sloe gin, it has fierce prickles, the clue is in the name!

Just round the corner is another camellia, which also needs moving as it is too dark where it is.

Round the corner is my old faithful camellia which has flowered all winter. It was the first plant that I bought for the garden when we moved here 30 yrs ago.

Little Prunus Kojo no mai which is a sucker of the original shrub which we took out last year. I had planted it on the rockery thinking it was a small shrub, but it grew and grew until it was about 9ft tall and wide. This little sucker will be kept small!

Mahonia aquifolium forming really good ground cover in the back border.

My first japanese Azalea to show its first flower, eventually this bush has so many flowers, you will hardly be able to see the leaves.

These are my 10 flowering shrubs, in a few weeks there will be a lot more adding their pretty flowers to the garden.

Since self isolating I am being able to get so much more gardening done each day as all my groups have stopped for the time being. I have had offers of help from lovely neighbours but so far am coping well. Thank goodness the weather has improved, it is so lovely being able to get out in the sunshine and fresh air with the birds and the bees and at long last the flooding on the patio is drying up, I will just have all the mud to clear away now!

Thanks to Chloris for hosting this each month, do pay her a visit at The Blooming Garden to see other  flowers braving the cold east wind.

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10 Responses to Blossom. Top 10 for March.

  1. Denise says:

    The Camellias are just beautiful Pauline. This is one shrub that unfortunately doesn’t manage the climate here. I am glad the weather has improved, so nice considering current circumstances. We are also having some beautiful sunny days but the cost of this is much colder nights and frozen ground!

    • Pauline says:

      I think all our lovely weather is coming from you at the moment, it makes a nice change! We are having lovely sunny days and cold nights, but that is ok as I can be in the garden working away with the birds and the bees for company. Camellias do well here, but some have been planted in the wrong place, I’ll have to move them once they have finished flowering, their flowers are so beautiful at this time of year.

  2. Cathy says:

    It is good to hear that you are able to get out in the garden again Pauline, admiring your plants and getting some tasks done. You have a lovely selection of camellias – that pale pink one s especially pretty

    • Pauline says:

      The weather has been amazing Cathy, so warm and sunny! It has been a delight to work in the garden for a while now, I don’t know how much longer the dry weather will last, but I think we will be ok for this week, even though it will get colder. I like the pink camellia too, I must get it moved to a more prominent position.

  3. snowbird says:

    Good to know you are enjoying good weather too, we’ve had a lovely week. Loving your camellias! How pretty your shrubs

    • Pauline says:

      Our lovely weather has changed somewhat today Dina, howling gales and icy cold, still sunny though! Now that I’m having to self isolate, my garden is my salvation, being out in the fresh air, in the sunshine has been wonderful. I only lasted 15 minutes today as it was so icy cold!
      Hope you and your family are keeping safe and well. x

  4. Anna says:

    I’m sorry for the late comment again Pauline but my blog reader is still not picking up on your posts 😞 Beautiful March flowers. I love that pale pink camellia. How generous of the prunus to leave a limb behind and as you say you will be able to keep it small 😄

    • Pauline says:

      I have had stern words with the little prunus Anna, it will just have to behave or it is out! My war on weeds is progressing nicely, I can see that for once my garden will end up nice and tidy with me being at home all the time!

  5. Chloris says:

    Oh dear, Pauline I am sorry to be so late commenting on this and thanking you for your contribution to Top Ten Blooms. I love your camellias and blossom. And now we have lovely Easter sunshine to enjoy yet more blooms. I hope you are keeping well and continuing to enjoy time in your lovely garden.

    • Pauline says:

      My garden is my salvation Chloris, I’m out in the garden at every opportunity, but just wish I had someone to talk to. Phone calls are lovely and I’m making so many of them to friends and family, but it’s not the same somehow. I really do feel as though I’m in a bubble as no one passes the house so don’t see anyone unless I do my one weekly shop. I am keeping very well thank you and hope you and your family are too.

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