August flowers for GBBD 2020.

It is a long time since I wrote a post, I hadn’t realised how the time has flown by. I am still at home a lot,  just going out a couple of times a week and keeping away from all the people having a staycation here in Devon. It has been announced on our local news that Devon and Cornwall are “Full”,  we can’t cope with anyone else coming here for a holiday if we are to obey social distancing rules!

Begonias by the front door.

Kniphophia Bees Lemon.

The weather has been so very hot over the past few weeks, which has meant lots of watering. Pots and greenhouse obviously get watered each day, but gradually a few shrubs showed that they were thirsty in spite of being on heavy clay. As we are on a water metre I water by hand and lugging numerous cans of water round the garden took its tole on my back!


For a long time now we have been promised rain, thunder and lightning, but we have had….nothing…..not a drop. The thunder rolls around and we can see the black clouds approaching, but then they pass us by and its out with the watering cans once again!

Rosa The Pilgrim.

That is until a couple of days ago when it got darker and darker, the wind got up and lashed all the trees so that leaves were falling as though it was autumn and then the rain started, torrential rain and it went on all day, thank goodness.

Crocosmia Solfaterre.

It also rained yesterday and today, so I have only had the greenhouse to water, which has made a nice change. The shrubs that were looking stressed are now looking very happy indeed, happy plants make me happy.

Unknown crocosmia, I never bought it or planted it, I don’t know where it came from, but it is rather nice and ready for splitting I think.

All the fuchsias are doing really well, this is Delta Sarah.

Hydrangeas, which I normally rely on for summer colour are the ones that really suffered in the hot drought, in spite of watering, they must have needed more than one bucket each. They have perked up beautifully though so even though their flowers are over on some of them, at least they still alive and hopefully will be back to normal next year.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this each month, do pop over to see lots more lovely flowers.


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10 Responses to August flowers for GBBD 2020.

  1. rusty duck says:

    I gather our visitors are not giving a lot of thought to social distancing. But I haven’t witnessed that first hand because, like you, I’m staying at home!
    The rain has come just in time hasn’t it. And with the cooler temperatures it’s much easier to work outside. I have clay too though and it’s now very claggy. I love the Bees Lemon kniphophia.

    • Pauline says:

      I’m only going by what I’ve seen on the local news Jessica, all the beaches and beauty spots crowded with visitors. The rain was so welcome, and still is, everything is looking a lot happier and I’ve been out a lot seeing to all the weeds that have popped up! While it was so hot it was too hot to work in the garden, even sitting in the shade was still too hot, I stayed indoors with a fan to cool off!

  2. Arun Goyal says:

    Beautiful blooms.That variety of kniphophia is something that I have seen for the first time .It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here.

    • Pauline says:

      The kniphofia has done really well this year Arun, in previous years it has only managed 1 or 2 spikes, but this year it has 9, I am so pleased with it.

  3. Denise says:

    A lovely selection Pauline and it’s great when the rain does the work for you. Here we now have a very hot spell so I hope there will be rain ☔️ soon. As you say when the plants are happy so am I. Glad you are staying safe.

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Denise, the rain continues to water my garden each day thank goodness, I dash out in between the showers to deadhead and weed a bit more. Some days though the rain lasts all day so that is when I resort to a jugsaw, a book or the dreaded housework!

  4. Cathy says:

    Yes, I don’t envy those who live in or near popular holiday spots – you and Jessica are boh wise to be staying at home! How exciting to have all that rain! We have had a couple of short showers, although there must have been some rain during the night too, so it helps, but a downpour would be good! Your crocosmia make a great statement and what an impact that rudbeckia has!
    We have put in a water supply to the bottom of the garden this year, with 4 taps in the garden, but before that I did use a sort of ‘inflatable bag’ during really dry periods that you can put in a wheelbarrow and fill with water – used at stables and places like that – which saves carrying lots of watering cans

    • Pauline says:

      Watching our local news stops me from going anywhere Cathy, everywhere is so crowded and as for the rubbish that is being left behind…well don’t get me started! I’m still having rain each day, more gentle now, but still very welcome indeed.I do have a couple of taps in the garden, but as the shrubs that were showing stress are my blue hydrangeas and rhododendrons, they wouldn’t appreciate tap water unfortunately, so it has to be carried from my water butts.

  5. Shirley says:

    Gosh, your area of the country being ‘full’ must be a bit of a worry. Restricting your activities not so great either.

    It’s great to see you back posting…. wishing you a belated Happy Bloom Day! You did way better then me here. I went round the garden taking photos of everything in flower (something I haven’t done in ages) but it was a little bit late in the day. Something came up in the evening and they still sit in a folder, selected, some cropped but still in a folder. It’s great to be part of GBBD, my fav of your selection is the Kniphophia Bees Lemon, nice, very nice. Great to hear you finally got rain, I love to see my plants happy after rain too.

    • Pauline says:

      I agree Shirley, it is a bit worrying when I see the crowds on the local news, I’m quite happy to stay safe at home.
      I’m impressed with my Kniphofia Bees Lemon this year. Usually it only has one or two flowers but this year it has had nine- fantastic!

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