Another Prima Donna.

I don’t know what the male equivalent is of  “prima donna” , but Crocosmia “Lucifer” is certainly it ! I can’t go anywhere in the garden without it looking as if it is jumping up and down and shouting ” me, me, me – look at me !”


From back door

As soon as I step outside the back door , my  eyes instantly go to the red at the top of the garden.

Backlit by pond

Seeing it backlit by the sun, at the entrance to the pond area, is just like a stained glass window – absolutely beautiful. The colours really do glow, not just the red of the flowers but the green of the leaves as well. I started out years ago with just 10 corms – they obviously like my soil as they are multiplying so well – each year much better than the last.

Long shot right

Even on a long shot, your eye is drawn to the red on the right – there’s no escaping it – it is always the centre of attention while it is in flower.

Long shot left

The Stipa gigantea in the foreground is doing its impression of spun gold, but there is Lucifer in the background, stealing the limelight once more.

It is fantastic for 4 to 6 weeks, I just enjoy it and then look forward to next year.  I can’t help but laugh each time I see it – it is so outrageous !!!



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4 Responses to Another Prima Donna.

  1. catmint says:

    Hi Pauline, your affection for this show offy plant shows through your writing. Like exploding fireworks, dramatic but only for a short time. Your garden looks great. cheers, cm

  2. as I read this I can see mine through the window, it really needs to be dug up and moved as it’s out grown it’s site, I was going to ask what the beautiful grass was (see I did see it) thanks I think I will be looking for one of those, it’s all that green you have that makes red Lucifer shout out, some lovely garden long shots, Frances

    • Pauline says:

      I agree Frances, the green does set off the red nicely doesn’t it and the Stipa gigantea is my favourite grass – lovely swaying in the breeze.

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