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Six on Saturday. 2.9.2023

Having had a week of cold wind and rain with just a little sunshine, it seems as though next week will be much better with  a lot more sunshine and higher temperatures, just hope the plants can cope with all … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. 24.6.2023

We have had lots more hot sunshine during the week with just the odd little shower, I think it has rained a couple of times during the night, but nowhere near enough, we need more, lots more rain! I think … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 3.6.2023

A very quick one this week, I’ve been so busy getting ready for a house full of visitors, cleaning bedrooms, making beds up and cooking for the freezer, no time for gardening this week! The family is descending on me … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday, 27.5.2023.

It is nice to have it confirmed by Chelsea that my garden is the height of fashion, in vogue at the moment, I am “nurturing my wild flowers” so my garden looks “pretty but shaggy” I think that was the … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 22.10.2022

Another week gone by, a week of sunshine and showers until yesterday when the rain was decidedly torrential! At least our weatherman is happy that the reservoirs have started to full up once more after the drought of the summer. … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 27.08.2022

We have had a little bit of drizzle for a few minutes this week, but at least the temperature has dropped and I think that it is this that has made the garden feel a lot better, and the gardener! … Continue reading

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More Roses, Roses everywhere.

I’m continuing with the roses that I started last Wednesday, there were so many, too many for one post. Keeping up with the deadheading is another job that has to be done every few days, but at least it keeps … Continue reading

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Roses, roses everywhere.

All of a sudden there are roses everywhere in the garden and they are all flowering beautifully with lots of rather large flowers, is it all the rain we have had? So much colour from the roses and peonies and … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 28. 05. 2022

I have just had a week where more gardening has been possible as we have had less rain, in fact the last few days haven’t seen any rain at all and the watering can has had to come out again … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 7.5.22

A week gone of May already, a sunny, dry week so that lots of gardening has been done, one day of gentle rain so lots of weeds have been pulled out and I now think I need a rest! There … Continue reading

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