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Must remember, just one “R”.

Lately, I’ve been clearing in the woodland, getting ready for the snowdrop season, in between sweeping up all the autumn leaves, still a few more of those to do. Cutting back any dead bits, weeding any weeds out, generally just … Continue reading

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Late season Snowdrops.

We are now past the peak of the snowdrop season. Most of the earlier specials  have finished flowering,  but they are now joined with the ones that flower a little later. Also joining in are the wild singles and doubles … Continue reading

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The end of Snowdrops?

Just for a year I hasten to add! The snowdrops are coming to an end earlier than usual, due no doubt to the strange, warm weather we have had during Jan/Feb. The early “specials” were very early, then the wild … Continue reading

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The last of the Snowdrops and a lucky find.

The last of my snowdrops has just started to flower and will continue for another month. The original ones that started in the New Year are now over but plenty are still flowering. The late ones which have been flowering … Continue reading

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Tommies and friends.

At the moment the weather can’t make up its mind what it should do, one minute it is beautifully sunny, the next, raining again. During a spell of sunshine lately I managed to nip to the woodland to see if … Continue reading

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No Snowdrops were hurt by the Storm.

After a quick check in the woodland to see that all our trees were still standing after the last storm, we had just a few branches down, but thankfully no snowdrops had been squashed. The branches seem to have managed … Continue reading

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What a difference sunshine makes.

Yesterday, Sunday, has been the first day for such a long time when we have had no rain and non stop sunshine all day and what a difference it has made to the snowdrops and other flowers in the woodland. … Continue reading

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It’s Wild Snowdrop Time!

All of a sudden there are white patches everywhere in the woodland, Galanthus nivalis and Galanthus nivalis flora pleno  have popped up to join in with the “specials”. This is earlier than last year when it was mid February before … Continue reading

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Spring Flowers March In.

Spring has certainly arrived in March, the flowers are coming thick and fast with new ones opening up everyday. Wave after wave of new ones are making the little woodland so pretty at the moment, definitely my favourite part of … Continue reading

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Goodbye Snowdrops.

I promise this will be my last post about snowdrops this year, or at least I think it will be!!!   Galanthus nivalis, or the wild snowdrops, are now flowering away in the woodland and shady borders, making small drifts of … Continue reading

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