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February’s bonanza GBBD.

Normally I take my photos for bloom Day on the previous day, but yesterday we had non stop torrential rain of biblical proportions, I was almost ordering my ark! Thank goodness today is dry and sunny so I was able … Continue reading

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The sun shone for the snowdrops!

The forecast for yesterday was good, sunny but cold with the wind coming straight from the Arctic! I made some biscuits, baked a cake, bought some chocolate biscuits, hoovered, dusted and cleaned the loo, then sat back and waited for … Continue reading

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Spring Flowers everywhere.

Our weather has suddenly changed once again. Today we have storm Doris howling outside, thank goodness I took my photos a few days ago, before they got flattened! In all our shady borders there are bulbs popping up everywhere and … Continue reading

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February Bonanza for Bloom Day.

Flowers in February depend largely on the weather. Our weather so far this month has been very mixed, a bit of rain, a bit of sun, a lot of frosty nights and freezing days, fog,  bitterly cold wind from Scandinavia … Continue reading

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The turn of the Hellebore.

Hellebores are just starting to open their beautiful flowers. They make the perfect companion to the snowdrops in the garden, adding a splash of colour amongst all the white.

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Bloom Day in February.

I went out yesterday to take photos for today’s post for GBBD, thank goodness I did as we had a hard frost last night and flowers are not looking too happy this morning. I could only go round half the … Continue reading

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At last, the Hellebores are joining in.

Each time I have been in the woodland lately, I have been concentrating on the snowdrops and hadn’t realised that the hellebores are later flowering than usual, probably due to the cold spell that we had recently.  As I went … Continue reading

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GBBD. The wild ones are catching up.

First of all I must explain my absence for the last week or so, courtesy yet again of Talk Talk, don’t they realise how much bad publicity I give them?! We have not been able to access e.mails or any … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday for Snowdrops.

The sunshine today has been amazing.  Sitting in the conservatory after lunch, I was getting too hot, no heating, just the sunshine coming through the glass. I went for a wander round the woodland to cool off!  Thank goodness the … Continue reading

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No Snowdrops were hurt by the Storm.

After a quick check in the woodland to see that all our trees were still standing after the last storm, we had just a few branches down, but thankfully no snowdrops had been squashed. The branches seem to have managed … Continue reading

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