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What a difference a day makes!

I am amazed, the past few days have been the depths of winter, today it is bright sunshine, the birds are singing once more, the temperature is up to 10 C and the flowers are fine, definitely spring time!

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It’s not just snowdrops that brave the weather.

It’s not all about snowdrops at the moment. All of a sudden I noticed a patch of colour on the raised bed in the back garden, tiny Iris reticulata were flowering in spite of the gale howling through the trees … Continue reading

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Bathing Beauties.

Some of you may remember me planting up an old tin bath (which was my bath when I was a baby) a year ago, with Iris reticulata and crocus. I was full of good intentions at the time, meaning to … Continue reading

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Bath Bulbs.

The bulbs in the little tin bath that I planted up in the winter has just about reached it’s peak now, with I think, all the bulbs flowering.

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It doesn’t need to be sunny, just warmer.

I found out the other day that crocus don’t actually need sunshine to open their flowers wide, they just need the temperature to rise a bit. Our temperatures had been at around  +4/5 C for some time, when they suddenly … Continue reading

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Bloom Day in February.

I went out yesterday to take photos for today’s post for GBBD, thank goodness I did as we had a hard frost last night and flowers are not looking too happy this morning. I could only go round half the … Continue reading

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Thank goodness for self seeding drifts.

Looking back over 2015 has made me realise that we haven’t been able to do much gardening! Unfortunately health problems got in the way with the Undergardener having to go for his Prostate Cancer treatment and all his other hospital … Continue reading

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The difference a day makes.

The weather on Tuesday and Wednesday was perfect, lots of sunshine, blue sky, birds singing and the temperature up in double figures. Some time ago I had invited W.I members in the village to  see the snowdrops and enjoy a … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday for Snowdrops.

The sunshine today has been amazing.  Sitting in the conservatory after lunch, I was getting too hot, no heating, just the sunshine coming through the glass. I went for a wander round the woodland to cool off!  Thank goodness the … Continue reading

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Back to School.

The Rotary Club in Exeter have promised a school in the city that they will redesign and plant their little garden, with wildlife in mind. The undergardener is a member of the Rotary Club in Exeter and I was roped … Continue reading

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