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Seasonal changes.

Sometimes September and October days bring misty mornings, which are then an excuse to search the garden for spiders webs, spangled with moisture, glistening like diamonds in the early sunshine when it breaks through the mist.

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Decreasing numbers. GBBD November.

Halfway through November and it is very clear that we don’t have as many flowers this month, I think the flowers have decided that winter will soon be with us. We have had a very mild November so far, with … Continue reading

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Larder for wildlife.

As the days go by, I’m finding more and more berries ripening in the garden. Our birds , insects and animals come to rely on what is growing in our gardens. Those that will be  hibernating have to stock up … Continue reading

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Still flowering. GBBD October.

I managed to have a few minutes just walking round the garden the other day, so made the most of it and took some photos for GBBD. The garden is managing quite well without attention from me, the only problem … Continue reading

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Berry Delicious.

At this time of year,  berries are are covering some of the shrubs and trees in the garden and becoming more and more obvious as they change colour. If only the birds would leave them until the cold weather of … Continue reading

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Berry delicious.

Autumn berries are ripening up all around us, so far the birds haven’t eaten many, but then, it hasn’t been too cold yet to kill off all the insects which they feed on. Maybe it is too soon to say, … Continue reading

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Winter garden at Hilliers.

As I mentioned in my previous post, after visiting Wisley we headed south  and found a super pub near to Romsey for a bite to eat before visiting the Sir Harold Hillier Arboretum where I knew they had a 3 … Continue reading

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I’m not ready for Autumn!

Early mornings now have a chill about them which wasn’t there a few days ago, quite often we start off with mist or fog which the sun burns away a couple of hours later. Sometimes when looking towards Exeter we … Continue reading

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Berries for the birds.

Now is the time of year for us to repay the birds in our garden for eating all the nasty grubs etc. that try to ruin the look of our plants. I can’t say that I have noticed any damage … Continue reading

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