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We got there!

Yes, we got there and it didn’t take a week, only a few days later, my large Acer had changed colour! All three Acers are now looking beautiful together although A.Sangokaku and A.Osakazuki have lost a few leaves already.

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Dying flames of autumn.

At this time of year I’m always looking at the Acers in the garden to see their changing colours. When I was away at half term, I was hoping that I wouldn’t come back to all the leaves sitting on … Continue reading

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Acers are Ace !

The wonderful changing colours of the Acers have appeared earlier this year than previously. Usually I am hoping for them to change in October, but have to be patient until November. This year though, we had quite a long dry … Continue reading

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GBFD Foliage for November.

Sorry I’m late, due to circumstances beyond my control, but here is my offering for Foliage Day in November, which was written last Saturday. It’s a question of dodging the showers or rather, the downpours and the gales, to take … Continue reading

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Last Garden Visit of the year.

Last Saturday the weather was absolutely wonderful, bright blue sky and lovely sunshine, so we made the most of it and went to The Garden House , Buckland Monachorum on Dartmoor, just 10 miles from Plymouth. The sun was surprisingly … Continue reading

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Wonderfully colourful November.

The twenty second of the month is Garden Bloggers Foliage Day. Lots of the leaves have fallen already and the trees and other plants are just the bare skeleton which will last until March when they start sprouting again. Some … Continue reading

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Slowly, slowly.

Slowly, day by day, Acer Osakazuki is changing colour. It is taking such a long time this year, probably because it has stayed warm at night time for so long this year. It is just this last week that we … Continue reading

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The Big Sweep.

I reckon we are about 3/4 of the way through sweeping up all our leaves, when I look up into the canopy, I can see so many more leaves that are just waiting to drop into the garden. Please don’t … Continue reading

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Foliage for August GBFD.

When I first started thinking about which foliage would be suitable to record for August’s Foliage Day, I didn’t think there would be very much as we are still suffering from a lack of rain. Fortunately I was wrong and … Continue reading

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The last of foliage colour for GBFD.

I have to admit that last weekend, when we heard the weather forecast for this coming week, I thought I had better get out into the garden and photograph the leaves before they all blew away, just as well I … Continue reading

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