Spring is marching on GBBD April 2019.

Flowers and leaves are rushing to open, maybe they will slow down a bit now that our weather is back to being very nippy, to say the least. The new foliage is making as much of a statement as all the flowers, there are so many different shades of green, but as this is a post for Bloom Day, then blooms it is to be.

A view of part of the back garden, you can just about see some narcissus still flowering.

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Woodland Treasures.

Flowers are coming and going in the woodland far too quickly for my liking. At the moment it is time for the Erythroniums, which are small lily shaped flowers, only standing about 6 inches tall. They might only be small, but they have such an ethereal beauty that I can’t imagine the woodland without them. It’s best not to go away on holiday at this time of year, otherwise you will miss them, they aren’t in flower for very long.

Erythronium Pagoda

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Hello April

Looking round the garden for new flowering plants since I last posted was quite easy at this time of year, when more plants are opening almost every day. I’m hoping that I’ve found flowers tht haven’t appeared before this year.

The first I came across were the white Muscari or grape hyacinths which are new this year on the rockery.

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Fritillary time is here again!

Snakeshead fritillary or Fritillaria meleagris are once again the stars of the woodland for a few weeks Drifts of snowdrops have given way to drifts of narcissus and now these are handing over the baton to the fritillaries.

Someone once asked me how many I have – I have no idea and wouldn’t like to count them!

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10 families flowering on Saturday.

As there is so much flowering away at the moment in my garden I have decided to join in with  Chloris at The Blooming Garden and her “10 Flowers on Saturday” meme, held on the 23rd of each month

At no 1 is the Prunus family and I’ll start with Prunus Kojo-no-mai as it is looking so lovely at the moment.

Prunus Kojo-no-mai is looking beautiful at the moment. I don’t think it has ever had so many flowers before, possibly due to the hot weather last summer ripening the wood maybe.

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March 17th. St. Patrick’s on time.

Just a quick little post. Narcissus St. Patrick’s Day has opened on time this year, if anything he was a little early, which doesn’t often happen. Last year he was 2 weeks late but this year the warm weather we had in February must have made him get a move on.

In the back border in front of the woodland.

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Lots more spring flowers. GBBD March 2019

March has brought very mixed weather for us so far, one minute warmish and sunny, then much colder, hail showers, fierce gales, and driving rain. At least I haven’t had to water all my new plantings, nature is doing it all for me. Some of the early narcissus are now fading with lots more taking over and  some still to come. It is also the turn of smaller woodland plants to shine for a few weeks, amongst the bulbs.

I’m enjoying this wave of narcissus and hellebores.

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When 3 became 67.

I feel that it is now time to start dividing my single wild snowdrops. Due to our record breaking warm temperatures in February, the wild snowdrops were unfortunately over very quickly. I have noticed a few rather large clumps which need splitting to fill the spaces where there aren’t any, this is the only way I’m going to get the nice drifts that I love so much.

Definitely in need of splitting.

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Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus !

Happy St. David’s Day to you all, today, March 1st is St. David’s Day and the national emblem for Wales is the daffodil. At the moment there are a few different daffodils flowering in the garden, I thought I would show you some along with other flowers that are joining in at the moment.

Tete a Tete.

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A worm’s eye view.

First of all I would like to talk about photographing crocus, snowdrops or any small flower which only stands about 3 inches high. I have puzzled as to which is the best way to do it, either standing. but then you just get a view from above or crouched down which is difficult when you have hips and knees like mine!

From above, standing.

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