New growth everywhere GBFD March.

Once again it is Foliage Day hosted by Christina and this month there is such a change in the garden and in the hedgerows. Everywhere buds are bursting and we have the delight of new foliage, mainly the lovely fresh green that is such a symbol of spring here in the UK.

Silver Birch, Betula ermanii, with delicate new leaves and catkins.

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St. Patrick’s Day.

Well, were my St. Patrick’s Day Narcissus open on time……what do you think?

Yes, they were!

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Spring has Sprung. GBBD for March.

March this year is a wonderful month for gardeners down here in Devon. Blossom is appearing on the trees and shrubs, leaves are unfurling, bulbs and perennials are flowering, birds are singing and making nests, bees are buzzing and some days  the sun is shining,  what could be better.

Scilla siberica on the scree, looking especially lovely backlit by the sunshine.

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On Guard!

Rusty Pheasant has been put in place and is guarding the first of the Fritillaries to open. I hope I’m not speaking too soon, but I haven’t heard Mr. P calling from the fields next door for quite some time now.

The flowers in front are a cross between cowslips and primroses.

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White gives way to Yellow.

As the white of the snowdrops start fading away, having kept my interest for 3 months now, the yellow of the narcissus takes over the baton. Yes, we had early flowering Narcissus in flower just after Christmas, N. Rijnveld’s Early Sensation, but it is just now that the waves of yellow are starting to make the garden shine, as if someone has run round the garden with a paintbrush loaded with the colour yellow and given a broad brush stroke over each border.

Narcissus Tete a Tete

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New month, new plants.

I feel a rockery should be a riot of colour in the spring, meteorologically it is now spring, it started yesterday, but our rockery behind the alpine scree is quite frankly….boring! One clump of narcissus is certainly not a riot of colour, so something needed to be done.

Instant colour.

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Late season Snowdrops.

We are now past the peak of the snowdrop season. Most of the earlier specials  have finished flowering,  but they are now joined with the ones that flower a little later. Also joining in are the wild singles and doubles which are spreading beautifully all by themselves. For those who don’t share my enthusiasm for snowdrops, just click the delete button!

Galanthus Sentinel.

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Spring Flowers everywhere.

Our weather has suddenly changed once again. Today we have storm Doris howling outside, thank goodness I took my photos a few days ago, before they got flattened! In all our shady borders there are bulbs popping up everywhere and adding their colour to the dark background around them. I’ll start in the front garden with the border by the drive.

Hellebores are doing well and most have now opened their flowers.

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Fresh February Foliage.

Once again it is the 22nd of the month and time for Foliage Day hosted by Christina. Things are stirring in the garden apart from all the lovely little bulbs that are flowering at the moment. The foliage on shrubs is starting to burst forth as well as the foliage for bulbs that flower later in the year. This is a time of hope and the promise of things to come – weather permitting!

Lush bright green foliage of Hemerocallis is showing in most of the borders, such a lovely shade of green.

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Bathing Beauties.

Some of you may remember me planting up an old tin bath (which was my bath when I was a baby) a year ago, with Iris reticulata and crocus. I was full of good intentions at the time, meaning to plant the bulbs in the garden when they were over.

Somehow this never got done and once again the bath is full of the same flowers, looking very pretty, I think.

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