The first for this winter.

I’m still raking and sweeping, but now I can see an end to the leaves that are keeping me so busy. Having a little wander in the woodland, but really to have a rest, I found Galanthus Faringdon Double already in flower, this is a week earlier than last year.

G. Faringdon Double

The clump seems to have split into 3, some ot them are still pointing up at the trees, but soon the flowers will drop. I see that one of them has been nibbled!

Yet still more a short distance away from the main clump, I wonder who or what is moving my bulbs about?

More flowers are dropping down each day.

This is the start of the beginning of the snowdrop year for me, I will be out examining all the others as the days go by. The rest of the garden is rapidly winding down, but the snowdrops, hellebores and early narcissus are gearing up to their main event – I can’t wait, it will make such a change after all the leaf sweeping!

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8 Responses to The first for this winter.

  1. Denise says:

    Oh so early Pauline…. in my eyes at least, but I am already looking forward to your snowdrop and hellebore posts. I have a long wait before I will see any myself!

  2. Frank says:

    Wonderful to see. It’s so different how your gardening season just moves from one year to the next without the icy stop that we see! I’m also looking forward to your snowdrops, you’ve done so well with them over the years and the show keeps getting better… and I’m always a little jealous to see the dead of winter flowers on your quince 😉

    • Pauline says:

      If we’re having ice and snow here Frank, it is usually in February, that is our worst month, but down here in the SW corner, we don’t often get snow! I looked at my Quince the other day, there are lots of fat buds, but no flowers yet, I hope they won’t be too long.

  3. Anna says:

    Oh how exciting Pauline! No sign of ‘Faringdon Double here’ but I noticed earlier this week that a clump of ‘Fieldgate Prelude’ was showing some white. Snowdrop spotting is so much more fun than leaf sweeping.

    • Pauline says:

      There are lots of snowdrops showing shoots and a few more nearly flowering , but not quite yet. Looking at snowdrops is so much easier on the muscles than sweeping leaves!

  4. snowbird says:

    Just gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing

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