The woodland is changing to white.

Yes, the woodland floor is becoming more white as the days go by and it certainly isn’t with snow. The special snowdrops are definitely a lot earlier than in previous years and even the wild ones are almost ready to join in, they normally peak at about the third week in February. All the rain that we have had doesn’t seem to have put them off.

G. elwesii in the woodland edge border.

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January blooms GBBD. 2018.

The New Year weather has been cold, wet, frosty, sunny and  warm (relatively speaking) sometimes all in the same day!   A few days last week the sun was shining and the birds were singing, it was a pleasure to work in the woodland,  and so nice that the coat soon came off and was hung on a tree. The woodland is waking up, snowdrops are flowering, a few have finished already, but there are still plenty to come. Other bulbs are putting up their spears so soon this will be my favourite place to be.

Before we get to the woodland though, there are other flowers braving our confused weather. The chaenomeles by the back door is opening more and more buds each day.

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It’s stopped raining!

But for how long?!

It has been so wet for such a long time now, we have escaped the worst of the weather that has been thrown at us, but non stop rain is so depressing! The garden is absolutely sodden, flooded in places even and the drainage ditch in front of the woodland is almost a stream. We have had various storms passing through which have brought lots of small branches and twigs down in the woodland, but no big branches thank goodness.

What we have had though are some wonderful sunrises on the few days that it hasn’t been raining.

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Just a few for December GBBD.

Weather in December has been variable to say the least. It has also varied in different parts of the country, we down in the south west have escaped the worst of the weather. Other areas have deep snow and temperatures have been down to – 13C, out lowest temperature has been -4C and so far , no snow. In spite of all this, there are still a few flowers in the garden, a few hanging on from autumn but a few are early winter blooms.

I noticed my first primrose the other day and there are lots of buds to come.

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Jack Frost came visiting.

We were told that it would be a hard frost last night, so the heater was switched on in the conservatory for the plants that had been brought in from the garden. When I got up this morning and looked out of the window, I didn’t see much white at all. The rest of the country is having to cope with snow and ice, but once again we have escaped the worst of the weather.

What we did have though was a beautiful sunrise.

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All gone!

Finally, I have got all the leaves swept up from the lawn. I’m sure a few more will find there way there but they can be removed by the lawn mower when next used. The last part of the lawn to be cleared was the circle up by the pond and pergola.

It took me 3 sessions to clear this lot.

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Patience needed!

I was once again, too soon to post about my acers final fling. If I had waited another couple of days, the final colours would have been showing, a real Wow with burnt orange blazing in the back garden.

The light was just right when I turned around while sweeping up leaves. I quickly downed the rake and went and fetched the camera.

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November’s little gems.

Isn’t it lovely when you come unexpectedly upon a little gem in the garden. At other times it might be the light that is just right to illuminate a plant showing it as you have never seen it before. Even though it might be cold, wet and miserable, there are still little vignettes to gladden the soul.

My first little gem is Iris unguicularis Walter Butt, flowering by the drive, it was almost hidden amongst all the leaves.

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We got there!

Yes, we got there and it didn’t take a week, only a few days later, my large Acer had changed colour! All three Acers are now looking beautiful together although A.Sangokaku and A.Osakazuki have lost a few leaves already.

All three together.

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Dying flames of autumn.

At this time of year I’m always looking at the Acers in the garden to see their changing colours. When I was away at half term, I was hoping that I wouldn’t come back to all the leaves sitting on the grass!

A. Osakazuki by the arch into the woodland. All the leaves thankfully still on the tree.

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