Much needed sunshine. GBBD February 2019.

After our blip of snow and ice a couple of weeks ago, it is so wonderful at the moment to have the sun shining each day and temperatures about 5 or 6 degrees warmer. Wandering around the garden yesterday, without a coat,  to take my photos was a pleasure. The birds were singing, the sky was blue and there were lots of flowers to enjoy. Come with me and see what I found.

Starting by the back door, Iris reticulata are flowering in the baby bath that was used for me when I was tiny!

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Just in time.

Ladies from the village WI. came for coffee, cake and biscuits yesterday, they also came to have a wander round the garden to see the snowdrops and other lovlies that are flowering at the moment. The weather behaved itself with just one little shower which wasn’t a problem, the rest of the time it was nice and sunny.

Why didn’t I put the empty pot away!

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What a difference!

The snow has finally all gone, today the sun was shing and the sky a beautiful blue! At last I could get out and check on all my lovely winter flowers, no coat needed as it was nicely warm and even the bees were out buzzing and looking for pollen and nectar.

A nice clump of snowdrops without a label, I’m sure it had one originally, by the back door.

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More than just a sprinkling.

On one hand, we didn’t have as much snow as had been forecast, which is good, but we had enough to make driving a bit of a worry, it was very icy under the snow. Getting out of my little road and up the hill out of the village was a bit hairy, but once on the main road, everything was fine until I met a tree, half way across the road. Everyone was very gingerly driving round it, I gave way to an oncoming car, just as well, it was a police car! By the time I came home, one and a half hours later, the tree had gone. My first few photos were taken at 7 am when normally it is still dark outside.

L.ooking across the fields from the landing

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Thank goodness for evergreens.

I had thought that I would be photographing my little early flowers for the end of January, but Nature had other ideas. When I drew the curtains back this morning, everything was white, we had a sprinkling of snow overnight, but I don’t think it will last very long. This is when the evergreens take centre stage, they look so lovely with a sprikling of snow.

Starting with the front drive, the box cubes take on extra importance.

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The birds came in twos and threes and sometimes fives.

I spent an hour yesterday morning sitting in the kitchen watching all the birds coming to the feeders just outside the window, making a note as to how many I saw of each variety at any one time. This weekend is marked as the Great British Birdwatch weekend. I’m so glad I did my count yesterday as the weather was calm and  just a bit dull in the morning, today we have a howling gale which is rattling all the roof tiles and I think all the birds might stay safely tucked up in bed if they have any sense!

The first to come was a bluetit, one of our most common birds in the garden here.

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It was worth the wait.

I bought a Hippeastrum, or Amaryllis, bulb in a box, from the garden centre, in fact I bought three, one for me, one for my daughter and one for my son, to give to them when I saw them at  Christmas along with various other things. We are all having a wonderful time watching our flower stalks growing, photographing them and sending the photos to each other. I started mine off in mid December and it is just now that the first flower is fully open, patience is a virtue!

For a long time, mine just grew and grew, it ended up nearly 3 ft tall.

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January Gems. GBBD 2019

Any plant that flowers in January is a gem as far as I’m concerned, they are so precious, flowering at a time of year when most plants are still sleeping through the cold spell. A walk round half the garden is always worth it, there are little treasures to be found hiding in the dappled shade in the woodland or in the sunshine by the house.

I’ll start my walk as usual, by the back door where the chaenomeles is going from strength to strength in spite of our frosty nights.

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Chaenomeles speciosa- star of my winter garden.

I felt as though I had to write a post about this wonderful plant. Every year it starts flowering before Christmas and continues to flower for months until Spring is well and truly with us. Usually chaenomeles flowers in the spring, so why does mine start before Christmas, I thought the time had come to do a bit of research.

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The start of a whole new year.

Wandering round the garden to see what is flowering on New Year’s Day could become a nice habit for me. We have been having a warm spell for the last couple of weeks and I think this has brought on some early flowers as well as the ones that should be flowering at this time of year. Each morning lately I’ve been turning the heating off it is so unseasonably warm.

Starting in the front garden, snowdrop Mrs. McNamara is standing up proud in spite of some rain.

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