Late season Snowdrops.

We are now past the peak of the snowdrop season. Most of the earlier specials  have finished flowering,  but they are now joined with the ones that flower a little later. Also joining in are the wild singles and doubles which are spreading beautifully all by themselves. For those who don’t share my enthusiasm for snowdrops, just click the delete button!

Galanthus Sentinel.

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Spring Flowers everywhere.

Our weather has suddenly changed once again. Today we have storm Doris howling outside, thank goodness I took my photos a few days ago, before they got flattened! In all our shady borders there are bulbs popping up everywhere and adding their colour to the dark background around them. I’ll start in the front garden with the border by the drive.

Hellebores are doing well and most have now opened their flowers.

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Fresh February Foliage.

Once again it is the 22nd of the month and time for Foliage Day hosted by Christina. Things are stirring in the garden apart from all the lovely little bulbs that are flowering at the moment. The foliage on shrubs is starting to burst forth as well as the foliage for bulbs that flower later in the year. This is a time of hope and the promise of things to come – weather permitting!

Lush bright green foliage of Hemerocallis is showing in most of the borders, such a lovely shade of green.

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Bathing Beauties.

Some of you may remember me planting up an old tin bath (which was my bath when I was a baby) a year ago, with Iris reticulata and crocus. I was full of good intentions at the time, meaning to plant the bulbs in the garden when they were over.

Somehow this never got done and once again the bath is full of the same flowers, looking very pretty, I think.

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February Bonanza for Bloom Day.

Flowers in February depend largely on the weather. Our weather so far this month has been very mixed, a bit of rain, a bit of sun, a lot of frosty nights and freezing days, fog,  bitterly cold wind from Scandinavia and Russia  (we are now making up for it this week, now that the wind has swung round and now comes from Africa!) and the other day a sprinkling of snow. In spite of all this, the flowers manage to survive and open their petals to any passing bee, and there are quite a lot of bees flying around.

Iris reticulata.

Looking beautiful on the alpine scree.

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The turn of the Hellebore.

Hellebores are just starting to open their beautiful flowers. They make the perfect companion to the snowdrops in the garden, adding a splash of colour amongst all the white.

H. Argutifolius.

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The sun came out for a while.

The sun did come out for quite a while on Saturday and what a difference it made to the snowdrops. Those sitting in a pool of sunshine opened their petals wide to any passing bee and I was able to get a record of their markings. I’ll start with G. Jonathan who I was hoping would open his petals for the last post.

There was great excitement we we saw that G. Jonathan had opened up its petals, out I dashed with my camera.

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No, they’re not all the same.

This post is for our daughter Rachael who says that she thinks a snowdrop is a snowdrop is a snowdrop and wonders why I would want to order any more as they are all the same. Sorry my dear, but  I’m afraid I have to disagree,  there are early ones, mid season ones and late ones, spreading their flowering over 3 or 4 months, more if you count the ones that flower in the autumn. Then there are the markings, so many different ones, some all white, some with all green inners, some with spots, some with green on the outer petals, some tall, some small and of course we mustn’t forget the yellow ones or the doubles! I’m hoping this post might change her mind and explain why I’m so keen to wander round the garden in the cold and wet of January and February!

Galanthus Little John

Galanthus Little John, very tall for a snowdrop.

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Miscellaneous in January.

January is not a month noted for its flowers, but there are quite a few out in the garden here so it is worth going for a wander each day. Lots of bulbs are pushing up, the snowdrops are flowering and so are some iris and narcissus, as well as a couple of shrubs.

Iris reticulata Pauline

Iris reticulata Pauline

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Waiting for the birds.

This weekend is the Great British Birdwatch when we note down which varieties of birds are coming to our gardens and making a note of the number of each species we see at any one time. Sparrows and starlings used to be among some of our most common birds, but now they are on the red list, sadly neither put in an appearance in the garden here. After filling the feeders up, we sat back and waited.

We didn't have to wait long, they were all waiting for me to put the food out!

We didn’t have to wait long, they were all waiting for me to put the food out!

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