November’s little gems.

Isn’t it lovely when you come unexpectedly upon a little gem in the garden. At other times it might be the light that is just right to illuminate a plant showing it as you have never seen it before. Even though it might be cold, wet and miserable, there are still little vignettes to gladden the soul.

My first little gem is Iris unguicularis Walter Butt, flowering by the drive, it was almost hidden amongst all the leaves.

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We got there!

Yes, we got there and it didn’t take a week, only a few days later, my large Acer had changed colour! All three Acers are now looking beautiful together although A.Sangokaku and A.Osakazuki have lost a few leaves already.

All three together.

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Dying flames of autumn.

At this time of year I’m always looking at the Acers in the garden to see their changing colours. When I was away at half term, I was hoping that I wouldn’t come back to all the leaves sitting on the grass!

A. Osakazuki by the arch into the woodland. All the leaves thankfully still on the tree.

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Orange for October 31st.

I have just spent a wonderful week with my daughter and “the boys” in Bristol. The boys include my son in law, two grandsons, and Finn, the dog! When I arrived and looked out of the back window, there was the most amazing splash of orange berries at the top of their garden.

Orange berried Pyracantha at the top of the garden.

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Changing colours.

Each day brings new colours to the foliage in the garden. But each day brings more wind and rain, which brings more leaves down as soon as they have been swept up, it is never ending at this time of year! Come and join me in a wander round the garden to see what the latest storm has left for us.

Starting in the front drive, Hostas seem to be melting back into the ground. This was Hosta seiboldii, the leaves are huge due to all our rain.

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The last few. GBBD October.

Looking out of the windows onto the garden, there didn’t seem to be many flowers to be seen. It wasn’t until I started wandering round the garden that I found flowers, one here, one there, some hiding in the decaying foliage of other plants and some just waiting to be photographed. I started by the front entrance, so do come for a walk with me.

Looking lovely at this time of year is Mahonia Charity

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Seasonal changes.

Sometimes September and October days bring misty mornings, which are then an excuse to search the garden for spiders webs, spangled with moisture, glistening like diamonds in the early sunshine when it breaks through the mist.

This web was in the purple berberis by the front door. Such a beautiful contruction.

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Autumn colours are arriving. GBFD. September.

Now it is officialy autumn, the colours of autumn are making themselves conspicuous in the garden. Slowly but surely, the main colour is changing from green to yellow, we wake to misty mornings, which highlight all the spiders webs when the sun comes out. The sun is still hot, when we see it, but we can’t deny any longer that summer has finished and we are now into autumn.

The purple Berberis by the drive changes to red at this time of year, the leaves matching the bright red berries before they fall.

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September GBBD. Winding down.

The weather this month hasn’t been the usual weather for September here. Usually, as soon as the children all go back to school after the summer break, the weather improves and September is usually a beautiful month. This time however, it has been rain, rain and more rain, with a tiny bit of sunshine in between. This has made the grass grow, the weeds grow, and battered the plants and flowers. In spite of this, when I went into the garden to take some photos, I managed to find quite a few flowers.

Miscanthus sinensis Malepartus has the most wonderful purple flowerheads when they first come out, they later turn to beige, but I really love them when they are this colour.

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Fluttering visitors.

Even when in the house, my eye is caught by the butterflies fluttering by, that is enough to send me into the garden with my camera. The weather recently has beem sunny and warm, with not much wind,  it has made a nice change from all our rain during August, ideal weather now for butterflies to visit the garden.

Red Admiral on white Buddleia. This is one of our most frequent visitors.

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