Not a lot left now. GBBD November 2018.

When walking round the garden to take November’s photos for Bloom Day, I found that most of the flowers were over and done with, not many left at all. I’ve been concentrating so much on foliage for the past few weeks, that I hadn’t noticed the decline in the flowers in the garden, I really had to search some of them out.

The winter jasmine by the front door opens more flowers every day and is just getting into its stride.

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All colours blazing on my return.

When I got back from my whirlwind trip to Canada, I found that my own garden was in full party mode, with all colours blazing on three of my trees. The two Acers had reached their full potential and my seedling silver birch by the back door is now a golden fountain.

This is the acer that was already here when we moved in nearly 30 yrs ago, so I don’t know which one it is unfortunately.

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RBG Rock Garden in all its glory.

This is my last Canadian post and I finish with the last garden we visited at the Royal Botanic Garden in Hamilton, Ontario. The lady on the desk at the information centre (disguised as a witch!) told us that the colours there were fantastic and she was certainly correct, I think we had unknowingly saved the best till last.

As I was walking round, it was wonderful to see so much colour, shape and texture everywhere, definitely my sort of garden.

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Did anyone mention Hallowe’en?

Our trip to Canada coincided with the end of October and that of course means Hallowe’en. We saw lots of pumpkins by the roadside and in gardens and on the 31st itself we had about 150 children call at the house for their candy and crisps, not all at once I hasten to add!

Getting the decorations in the front garden.

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How I became a “leaf peeper”

I am now officially a leaf peeper. A “leaf peeper” is someone who travels great distances to see the foliage of trees, usually in the USA. I have just returned from an amazing 5 day whirlwind trip to see my nephew in Canada who was celebrating a “Special Birthday” and managed to time my trip for the best of the fall  (autumn) colours. I have returned to some pretty amazing colours in my own garden too, but they will have to wait for a later post.

The very first tree that I saw was this beautiful tree in my nephew’s garden.

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Colour changes in a mixed bag.

Ever so slowly, the colours are changing in the garden. Each day when looking out of the window, sees a slight shift from green to more  gold, with a few purples and reds thrown in for good measure. The colours haven’t reached their climax yet, but the change is there, there is no denying it now.

Acer Osakazuki is now half way through it’s change, with just a few leaves showing their wonderful pink/red final colou so farr.

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Star performer.

The flowers on my variegated Yucca are opening nicely now and making quite a statement in the garden. The actual flower spike measures about 3 ft and the individual flowers are about 2 or 3 inches long so the whole plant is quite impressive at about 7ft tall.

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Hanging in there. GBBD October 2018

I didn’t think there would be many flowers this month, but it is surprising what I found when I ventured out between the showers of Storm Callum. Some are bravely flowering away as if the wind and rain we have had lately had never happened.

Hydrangeas really suffered during the summer drought, but not this one under the kitchen window, why I wonder?

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Indoor beauties.

I’m thoroughly cheesed off with my garden at the moment, I can’t whip up any enthusiasm for doing all that needs doing, so my attention is turning indoors. One of my kitchen windows faces north east and is proving to be just the right spot for my indoor flowering plants. No sun but plenty of light, just what they need. Outside at the moment the wind is howling through the trees and the rain is lashing the windows, leaves are falling everywhere but  these plants are nice and cosy indoors.

My first Christmas cactus to flower, I’ve never known it to be so early before.

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The garden is getting into Party Mode.

Trees and shrubs are starting to change into their party clothes before finishing for the year. Colours are emerging so much earlier than they usually do, a good month ahead of the last few years. Some trees and shrubs though are still very green, so hopefully all the lovely colours of autumn will last longer than usual.

My favourite at the moment is my little Acer palmatum disectum which has been purple since spring, now it is the most beautiful pink/red and really stands out in the gravel garden at the back.

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